Celadon, located in The Sukhothai Bangkok is no stranger to foodies who love Thai Fine Dining. In fact, we haven’t heard much about Celadon but yet they are always fully booked every night.


Celadon is listed in The Plate MICHELIN Guide 2018 and also voted as the “Best Restaurant in Bangkok” by Travel and Leisure magazine.


Celadon recently launched the New Tasting Menu by Chef Rossarin. The full experience (9 courses) is at THB 2900++ per person.

This new menu took almost a year to study and develop before it is launched.

Traditional Thai appetizer of fresh watermelon topped with barracuda fish, crispy shallots and garlic

A nice traditional Thai appeitzer served in a cylinder filled with smoked, giving the watermelon a slight hint of smokiness to it.


Steamed rice dumpling filled with crab meat and shimeji mushrooms  flavoured with garlic-coriander roots & pepper

This was easily one of the star of the meal despite it being a very chinese dish. The steamed rice dumpling was silky smooth and filled with crab meat and shimeiji mushrooms. A very comforting treat.


Grilled Hokkaido scallops with seablite leaves, shallots and homemade chilli paste dressing

Time to bring in the Thai flavours with this homemade chilli paste dressing. Of course, the star was the fresh and juicy grilled hokkaido scallops!


Chicken thigh in coconut milk and galangal shoot soup with kaffir lime leaves  served in young coconut

We were all amazed by this beautiful and unique coconut. It was small but the amount of soup it could hold was astonishing! We love the soup as it has the sweetness from the coconut and after drinking the soup, you could still dig out the coconut flesh to enjoy further.


As always, a choice of Thai jasmine rice and riceberry. When the rice comes, it simply means time for the main course.


Grilled Australian beef cheek with dried panaeng curry in banana leaves

This was the star of the main course. Soft and tender beef cheek with dried panaeng curry makes it the perfect dish to go with the rice. I don’t mind another serving of this.


Grilled giant river prawn (200g), cooked with salted baby shrimps in fresh coconut milk


Wok-fried bitter-sweet melon with egg and garlic

I’m not a fan of bitter melon but this dish was so well done that I managed to finish everything. So simple yet delicious.


Cassava sorbet

Cassava in sorbet? It’s the first time encoutering such ice cream and it was really well executed. The sweetness, textures and flavours were on point.


Warm glutinous rice balls with salted egg

This ending dessert is not bad but we felt that it could be better. Perhaps, there were too much “coconut” in both desserts?

After trying the dishes from Celadon, I now understand why they are always fully booked every night. The items and flavours served are  familiar to many locals and tourists. It can be considered a “safe” option and you don’t have worried that you will be presented with extremely new and unique flavours that you might not be comfortable.

Celadon is located on the premises of The Sukhothai Hotel and it makes a good choice if you want to bring your family or clients to somewhere nice for Thai Fine Dining. You won’t be disappointed.

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This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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