Chinese New Year is around the corner. Will you be staying to collect ang  baos or will you be flying off to another country to escape the festivities? If you happen to by flying to Thailand, do not be worried that shops will not be open as it’s business as usual for Thailand. We were recently at Central Phuket and got to know about some of the shops offering  Chinese New Year promotions with a special menu. Do check them out!


The brand new Central Phuket Floresta with Chinese New Year decorations.

#1 Maimorn Cuisine


We are back at Maimorn Cuisine and the food here is just amazing.


Check out this mega huge oysters. Enhance the oysters with the Thai  garnishings!


The pork knuckle is one of their highly recommended dish with crispy skin and soft tender meat. Delicious!


Apart from local Thai dishes, they are also good in their Chinese  style dishes. It sets you in the mood for Chinese New Year. We also recommend you to try their signature Mango Smoothie if you take mango!

We now head over to Central Phuket Festival which is the older wing of Central Phuket. It’s a popular shopping mall in Phuket town before the brand new Central Phuket Floresta opened their doors.


#2 The Pizza Company


What? Pizza? Yes, and I’m actually a fan of their pizza because it’s delicious!


This is their Chinese New Year menu with Chinese inspired ingredients. The red outer ring is unique isn’t it, it’s made from beetroot!

#3 Leekee Hong Kong Dim Sum & Restaurant


Are you into Chinese cuisine?


I don’t usually eat (China’s) Chinese cuisine but what we had was actually delicious and pleasant. Our Chinese friends from China said that the standard was good enough but of course if you want the best, you still have to head to China itself to have it.

Here’s some of the recommended restaurants in Central Phuket this Chinese New Year. Do check out our other food post, 5 Places To Eat in Brand New  Central Phuket Floresta!