Central Phuket is the largest shopping mall in Phuket and it is a Must-Visit shopping and dining destination for all. It compromises of 2 wings (Festival and Floresta) and is linked by travellators. In this post, we will be featuring on Central Phuket Floresta and their offerings.


Let’s start with the highlights!  Central Phuket Floresta features Tribhum Theme Park (world’s first fantasy walkthrough) and Aquaria (Thailand’s largest aquarium featuring 25000 animals).


I love the Tales of Thailand section because  it features products and services reflecting the four regions of the Kingdom. They have a floating market featuring foods, souvenirs, handicrafts, aromatics, and carving pieces and you can  explore in a comfortable environment.


At Thai Favourites, you can to buy all the popular snacks that you will love to bring home.


If you are feeling hungry, there’s a food hall featuring the best of Phuket food in one place, again in a comfortable and nice environment without having to travel all around Phuket to enjoy the delicacies.


As you venture upwards, you will get to see the familiar fashion brands.


We visited a beautiful shop called Harnn selling body care, skin care, aromatherapy and spa products. It looks and smells good too!



After all the shopping, if you have quite a bit at Central Phuket, you are actually also entitled to use visit the tourist & VIP lounge where you can enjoy concierge services such as Wifi, massage chair, nap area, shower rooms and luggage locker.



I love this lounge chair and it feels like sitting on a business class plane. So comfortable!


At the lounge, you also get to enjoy the beautiful scent from Divana!


I bet you won’t know this. At the back of Central Phuket Floresta, there’s a Trimurti Shrine (God of Love). It resembles the one in front of Central World.


So, for those who are looking for love, make sure you come here to pray!

For those who are looking for things to eat in Central Phuket, you can check out our previous post here:

There are actually more opening and updates from Central Phuket. Once we get the updates, we will be updating this space, so stay tuned if you are travelling to Phuket soon!