Chatuchak Weekend Market also known as Jatujak or JJ Market, is the largest market in Thailand. It is so huge to the extent that you will never be able to complete all the stalls in a day. The market has more than 5000 stalls selling a wide array of products including fashion apparel for both females  and males, accessories, footwear, household items, pets, Thai handicrafts and much more.

All around the market, there are stalls selling drinks, ice pops, ice creams and even food, hence do remember to keep yourself hydrated and take a rest by having some Thai delicacies.

First time to Bangkok? Here are 30 reasons why you should come and experience Chatuchak Weekend Market!

#1 First picture of your Chatuchak Trip


Majority reach Chatuchak via BTS Mo Chit and hence this is the first picture showing the street, bridge and crowd. Getting off this bridge requires some patience especially from 11am onwards.

#2  Shopping even before you reach


You will see some stalls along the way into Chatuchak and this is just a sneak preview. You will be amazed when you enter the market!

#3  The Heat


Don’t expect any air-conditioning here.  Many have been here but few have  survived shopping under the intense heat. Hence, it is advisable to wear light clothing which will keep you  cool.

#4  Sale everywhere


You can find discounts  and cheap stuff almost everywhere around the market. And signs like this definitely will bring in crowds.  Shopping here is cheaper  compared to Platinum Fashion Mall. The only downside is that you have to endure the heat.

#5  Coconut Ice Cream


Coconut Ice Cream is probably the most popular food item  in Chatuchak. There are many stalls selling this but beware that it might not be the original one. The non-original ones usually give you unlimited toppings.

#6 Beautiful Fairy Lights


Fairy lights make your room much more beautiful and you just want to buy some back after looking at these displays.

#7 Soft and fluffy  Garlic Bread


Freshly grilled garlic bread with a strong aroma which you can smell from afar. Eating it is even more fulfilling with the soft and fluffy bread.

#8 Aromatherapy Products


The place with the most choices of aromatherapy products is right at Chatuchak. Walking around, you will get to see the various brands of  different costs  to suit your needs.

#9 Handmade  fan!


I know you are in a dilemma. You want to finish shopping but just can’t tolerate the heat. There’s a way, buy this fan!

#10 Delicious Grilled Squid


There’s food all around Chatuchak. You just have to walk around to find them. This grilled squid is tempting me to buy it! Don’t forget to eat it with the chilli sauce provided.

#11 Handmade Products


You can find unique handmade products such as these handbags and wallets. Even though its handmade, it looks really good!

#12 Colourful Tins


If you cook or bring cooked food to your workplace, this will surely attract you. Kind of  nostalgic  isn’t it?

#13 Cheap & Trendy Sunglasses


It’s so cheap that you wouldn’t mind buying a few back for the fun of it to take photos even though it’s not branded. One thing for sure, it won’t last long.

#14 Refreshing Orange Juice


Make sure you drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. I like to buy juices instead to cool myself down.

#15 Muay Thai Wannabe


Looking for muay thai products? You can find boxing shorts and gloves here.

#16  Compartment bags


The colourful and striking designs sure play a part in  stopping us to take a look.

#17 Crunchy Red Rubies


Look at these red rubies (tup tim grob in thai), don’t they resemble pomegranate seeds? Red rubies are also known as mock pomegranate too!

#18 Fashion Street Shopping


There’s a beautiful fashion street beside MRT Kamphaeng Phet. Products here are much nicer but the prices are also higher too.

#19 Fried food?


Love fried stuff? There  are  many options for you to choose from.

#20 See the Paella Celebrity!


A popular figure in Chatuchak. Many come to see him perform as he dances along to the tunes while he prepares the paella. I like the vibe of this shop. You can see many tourists resting inside and getting entertained by  his dance.

#21 Unique Watches


These watches are relatively cheap. The designs are attractive but they  won’t last long.

#22 Something for plane lovers


If you have a thing for planes, don’t miss this out.

#23 Squid Eggs


When you see something that looks like fried carrot cake, don’t be fooled! It really looks similar but it’s actually squid eggs. Try it if you have not, you either love or hate it.

#24  Like cartoon stuff?


Like cartoons? Here’s The Simpsons bags and clothes. Now you know that in Thailand, anything can be printed anywhere.

#25 Thai snacks to bring home


Some of you are in Chatuchak on your last day in Bangkok and so if you still need to get more snacks, you still can do so here!

#26  Elephants…


Don’t be surprised to see many elephant designs around.

#27  Hidden food stalls


Even though you can find lots of  food around Chatuchak quite easily, there are also some which are hidden right inside the soi and you can only find them if you really walk around every corner.

#28 Boutique shops


More shops in Chatuchak are going upscale and have renovated their shop to make it look so much nicer as compared to the rest to stand out.

#29 Grilled Banana


I think banana just attracts me. Thais love grilled banana and I usually only eat it if it comes with caramel custard sauce.

#30 Chill at JJ Park


Want to chill like the locals? There’s a park right beside Chatuchak and opposite the BTS train station. You can join them to relax and have a picnic there before heading over to your next destination.

Don’t leave yet!


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Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market