Have you heard about Siam Square One? It is a new shopping complex in Siam and inside the mall, there are lots of restaurants featuring both Thai and international food. Today’s recommendation is called “Cheese Owl” and it caught my attention because of the queue. The queue was snaking yet people were willing to wait!

“Cheese Owl” is a Korean-Style Shabu Shabu buffet and prices are at 499฿ and 599฿.  What’s special about this restaurant is that they offer you unlimited Mozzerella Cheese to eat with the Shabu! Do note that there is a time limit of 1.5 hours for the buffet.



The first thing when you come into the restaurant is that the staff will bring you a type of Korean soup  as a Shabu Shabu base soup. It has Kochujung which makes the soup spicy.


They have many varieties of meat based on different  price points. They have ribeye beef, bacon (pork), Kurobuta pork. They also have chicken, shrimp, octopus and Thai-Style Meatballs. I highly recommend the Ribeye.


Here comes the Mozzerella Cheese! You can put it in a small pan around the pot. The cheese will soon melt and you will be able to dip all the meat into the gooey cheese! Or you can mix it with the egg and make a cheese omelet.


The vegetables here are self-service! They have carrots, mushrooms and onions. You can just simply put them in the pot! These vegetables will lend sweetness to your soup.

cheeseowl-soup3 cheeseowl-soup4

We added some cheese around the pot and I really like how the meat went with the melted cheese! The meat is a little spicy due to the soup and the mozzerella gave it a little saltiness. So many flavours in just one bite! Yummy!

Other than the recommended above, there are also other side dishes at cheese owl (also included in the buffet)!


Spicy Salmon Sashimi (Yum Salmon ยำแซลม่อน) – This is a very good side dish to help you refresh your palate after eating lots of meat. It is cold  and full of flavors (sour and spicy)! The salmon is fresh as well!


Since we are at the Korean restaurant, fried chicken is a must! They have 2 kinds of fried chicken. You can choose between Honey or Spicy wings. Personally, the spicy one is not very spicy because they did not use the chilli pepper powder, but the Thai spicy paste instead. However, the Honey one is very good! It can be compared with the special fried chicken found in Korean restaurants . The chicken skin is very crispy and not greasy at all.


We also ordered Garlic Fried Chicken with cheese sauce! I recommend you to put the melted mozzerella cheese on top of this cheese sauce. It will enhance the cheesy flavor and make it a lot more delicious!


Fried Instant Noodles with cheese – Although they used the Korean instant noodles, the spice is actually Thai style. So you have to be a little bit careful when ordering this, However, I really love it when the cheese sauce is mixed with all the noodles! It is very gooey and can bring out the taste of the sauce.


Another famous dish of the restaurant is Kimchi Fried Rice with Cheese and Egg. I really like this dish as the fried rice is just perfect! Imagine freshly made, hot kimchi fried rice on a hot stone plate with egg and cheese. You can mix them together and eat it the Bibimbub way, you can put more mozzerella in or you can just simply eat it separately!

The fried rice is not too spicy, there is  some sweetness from the vegetables which cuts the saltiness of the cheese! If you are going to order this dish, I recommend you to order this before other dishes as it takes some time to prepare.


Another  famous Korean-Japanese side dish at this restaurant is salmon sushi with kimchi fried rice and cheese sauce. This one tastes great when it’s still hot so I would recommend you to eat it immediately when it comes otherwise the salmon will be cold and it will not taste as good. The cheese sauce that comes with this is special because it is a little bit spicier than the cheese sauce they put in the other items.


Lastly, it’s dessert time! They have a variety of desserts here. It is self-service and the ice-cream flavours come in vanilla, green tea, chocolate and seasonal fruits flavours. They also have waffles and syrups  available.

However, the highlight here is Choco-Strawberry Bingsu! It is actually very big and  I was very surprised at first. The strawberry is also very fresh and the brownies actually taste nice! The bingsu comes with Cookies and Cream ice cream on top.

This is a very fun restaurant to go visit with friends. So if you have time, visit Siam Square One and explore the many restaurants there!

[Bangkok] Cheese Owl