Presenting our brand new series “Chef @ Home”, where we bring on board important chefs in Thailand to have a Q&A discussion on our platform. If you are lucky, they might also do a simple cooking demo of what they make for themselves at home.

Our second episode with Chef Andrew Martin (IG @maplesyrupketchup) of Jaew was held on 17 May (Thursday) at 4pm (SG) / 3pm (TH).

Here are the timestamps for your reference:

4:05: Introduction of Chef Andrew Martin

9:33: Is there any challenge being a Western head chef at a Thai restaurant?

14:24: How has the Covid-19 situation affected Jaew?

17:30: Do you think dining habits will change for good after this?

23:53: What is the most exotic Thai ingredient that you have used in Thai cooking?

25:49: How do you see modern Thai food evolving in the coming years? What do you feel the role of traditional and traditions will be in this?

28:40: What Thai dish does chef like or have on a regular basis?

30:30: Is chef pro north, south or central flavours?

32:20: Has your personal life changed a lot due to the Covid-19 situation?

36:25: Cooking demo of “Yum Baan”


50:00: During this period, does chef still come up with new ideas or is just surviving and riding this out?

Do join us for more series of “Chef @ Home” in the coming weeks on our FB platform. Stay tuned!