Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city lies a beautiful stream that stretches 3km across the city. Covering about 2,500 sqm of the area, the tour course takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete by foot, depending on the path  you choose to take.


With as many as 22 bridges  spanning across the stream, each bridge built has a meaningful story behind it, symbolising  peace, unity and harmony. Visitors also don’t have to worry about traffic as the course strictly prohibits vehicles, making this pedestrian-friendly path a great place for those who are seeking to take a stroll in the evening.


Featuring one of the many bridges found across this stretch, the Mojeongyo bridge. Previously known as a place where  sweet scented fruits were sold, this bridge was the first to be built and symbolises hope for harmony and communication.


The place should be evacuated before rainfall in fear of flooding. Hence, it’s best to head over to the stream when the weather is less gloomy.


Speaking of the gloomy weather, when the sun’s out, make sure to capture your moments at Cheonggyecheon Stream on film! The effortless design of the stream sure does make this place a great photo spot especially with a picturesque backdrop of the city.


Make a wish and it might come true! This stream also has a wishing “well” for you to make a wish after  tossing the coin. Fingers crossed! Worth a try, no?


And if you’re already feeling hungry, you can find a ton of cafes along the streets beside the Cheonggyecheon Stream,  I really like how some of the cafes are well-designed and the  Parisian vibe it gives off.



If  you’re wandering  around  the Dongdaemun or  Insadong area, you’ll most probably see the stream because it  hardly goes unnoticed! With lush greenery surrounding  the parameters, inhale the fresh air and exhale your stress away at this beautiful spot in Korea.

[Seoul] Cheonggyecheon Stream