The Chiang Mai Night Safari was something I was looking forward to during my trip.


I really enjoyed my time there. The entrance is the perfect place to take some pictures. There are a bunch of animal statues and also the safari mascot there.


There are maps all around to help you navigate the area. We did not get to go to the walking zone as we did not have much time. Instead, we took 2 tram rides.


This is the tram we took which brought us around to see the animals. We got to feed some of them too.


Bananas and carrots for the animals. You can feed many different types of deer, zebras, wild boars, giraffes and even bears!


You really have to experience this for yourself. Due to the lack of light and movement, it was nearly impossible to capture how mesmerizing the Chiang Mai Night Safari was. We got to see hyenas, tigers, lions, bears, vultures, hippos and so many more.


But the highlight of it all had to be getting to feed the animals. We certainly did not expect to get so close to them, it really came as a pleasant surprise. The tram would go really slowly and the deer almost came all the way up onto the tram with us.


The deer were very playful and full of energy. We also got to feed zebras but we were warned not to feed them by hand the way we did with the deer. Reason being, zebras have sharp teeth and poor eyesight so they may accidentally chomp on your fingers and you do not want to leave missing any fingers.


At the Chiang Mai Night Safari there were deer of all sizes including  baby deer. Not forgetting the wild boars, some of them were really tiny. We also got to feed some bears! But no, the bears do not come up to our tram like the other animals. Instead, we had to test our arm strength because we had to throw the bananas into their enclosure. When they received their gifts from us, they would sit down and use their two front paws to enjoy their snack. They are really adorable creatures.


And of course, the giraffes. True gentle giants. We did not expect that we would get to feed the giraffes this up close, this fella basically saw our tram from a distance and peacefully started to walk over and stick his head in. They have really long grey tongues.


No, we did not get to feed this precious tiger cub.  In fact, this is not a part of the tram rides at all. This is the photo corner where you can pay to  feed the tiger some milk while getting some really special photos. This baby was really active, constantly running around until a group of tourists went in to take a picture.


There are also 2 owls out there you can take pictures with. Owls are such magnificent beautiful birds.


They will help you put on a glove which the owl can cling onto. Their bodies are so extremely soft and fluffy.

If this post caught your eye and you can’t wait for your turn to visit the Chiang Mai Night Safari, here is how it works there. All rates stated below are for foreigners.

The walking zone with the Jaguar Trail is open 11am – 10pm daily and tickets are at 800 Baht per adult and 400 baht per child.

The Day Safari Tram is open 3pm – 4.30pm daily and tickets are 800 baht per adult and 400 baht per child.

The Night Safari Tram is open 6.50pm – 10pm daily and tickets are at 800 baht per adult and 400 baht per child.

Child pricing is applicable to children between 100 – 140cm in height. Children under 100cm do not need to buy tickets.

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