Chom Talay Restaurant is a very popular restaurant in Cha-Am / Hua Hin. Look at the pictures below and you will know why.  It is near to the beach and the design of the place is based on thai-style wood which is chic and modern at the same time.


I came in the night and hence was not able to have the beach view. It would be best to come during sunset or lunch where you have a better view of the place. But the night view isn’t too bad  too.

chomtalay-deco4 chomtalay-deco1

I ordered some of their signature  dishes  since I was  alone and I did  not want to waste food.

Curry Crab! This is so good to go along with your rice. Oh, this is actually just crab meat without the shell, so it is very convenient to eat.

chomtalay-saltedeggcalamariSalted Egg Calamari. This style is different from the ones you find in Singapore or Malaysia. I prefer the Singapore style but this tastes good too.

chomtalay-kangkongKang Kong in Thai Style. Go healthy and go for greens.

As mentioned before, beach restaurants are usually not that cheap and it is the same case with Chom Talay. Since you are here once in a while, it’s ok to indulge a little and have that good view with  a good meal.

Note: Chom Talay is no longer near to Hua Hin Airport as seen in Google Maps. Their new location is actually just opposite Venezia Hua Hin and the map shown below is the new address. :)

Chom Talay Seafood Restaurant