Cloud 47 Bar & Bistro is another newly opened (2013) rooftop bar in Bangkok, located at United Center Building on Silom Road. It is somehow different from the other competitors as this rooftop bar is located above an office building and not a hotel building. It is also the biggest / largest rooftop bar in Bangkok currently.

However, finding Cloud 47 can be quite challenging, hence I would like to walk you through the way up to the Cloud (Cloud 47)!


Cloud 47 - Directions

Enter the building and keep to your left. You will see true. Walk all the way straight.

Cloud 47 - Directions

You will exit this building and see another entrance. This is where you take the lift up to Cloud 47.

Cloud 47 - Directions

Cloud 47

Cloud 47 - Entrance

You will be greeted by the clouds as you exit the lift.

Cloud 47

You will be amazed by how huge this place is.

Let’s take a look at the scenery offered.

Cloud 47 - Scenery Cloud 47 - Scenery Cloud 47 - Scenery Cloud 47 - Scenery

At Cloud 47, there are several places for you to sit.

Cloud 47

Outdoor, near the edge of the rooftop.

Cloud 47

Upper deck, with super comfortable seats. Best for chilling out with a big group.

Cloud 47

Indoor with air conditioning.

Cloud 47

The open area, with the most seats. Open-air with high rise ceilings. With no high rise buildings blocking the wind, it can get extremely windy here.

Cloud 47

Sun is setting! What a magnificent view.

Cloud 47

Alright, enough of enjoying the scenery. Time for some food and drinks!

The food and drinks here are relatively cheap as compared to those at hotels.

Cloud 47 - Cocktail
Absolute Sun Seeker (Absolut Citron, Lime Wedges, Simple Syrup)

This drink is extremely sour and I actually don’t taste any alcohol. Maybe the bartender forgot some ingredients?

Cloud 47 - Cocktail
Absolut Cosmopolitan (Absolut Citron, TripleSec, Lemon Juice, Cranberry Juice)

Ah, at least this taste better and it was very pleasant to drink.

In general, the alcohol level on the cocktails are on the light side. So if you are those who enjoy alcohol, do request for stronger alcohol.

Cloud 47 - Pasta Garlic
Pasta Garlic & Dried Chilli with Seafood

This dish is actually Aglio Olio and it’s spicy and  flavourful. Those who love garlic will definitely love this. The pasta is cooked al dente  with a nice bite and the seafood served is  extremely fresh.

The garlic bread perhaps would be better if served with a soup as it’s very crispy. Dipping the bread into  the soup allowing it to soften will be much better.

Cloud 47 - Pork Knuckles
Pork Knuckles

It comes with an extremely crispy skin and the pork is very soft and tender. It is lightly seasoned and it’s delicious even if when  eaten on its own.  The mashed potato was very smooth and a little sweet.

Cloud 47 - Flying Wine Angel

Cloud 47 also has a flying wine angel to take your wine from the  air-conditioned glass wine cellar.

Cloud 47

Some additional night views.

Cloud 47 Cloud 47

+ Like

Cloud 47 is massive and the setting is rather casual with delicious food offered.

– Dislike

Alcohol was on the light side.

= Conclusion

A good place to chill out alone or with your friends. It is a casual rooftop bar and since there is no dress code, you can come here anytime. Moreover it is located beside BTS Sala Daeng. Dishes  served here is  of high quality.

Cloud 47 Bar & Bistro
47th Floor, United Center Building (Office Zone),
Silom, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

Tel: +66 91 889 9600

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 5pm to 1am


Option 1:  BTS – Sala Daeng
It takes about 5 mins to walk to Cloud 47

Option 2:  Taxi

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