If you’ve read our previous post about Common Ground, then you would’ve known what we have in store for you this time round. This popular container shopping mall made up of about 200 containers has attracted the hearts of many with its aesthetically pleasing architecture, explaining  the countless number of Instagram/Facebook posts on your feed taken at Common Ground!

Without further ado, here are the best 10 spots for the best Instagram-worthy shots at Common Ground:

#1 – Walkway Link on the Second floor of the Main Building


Pull your cameras out and take a shot here at this spot in Common Ground! Located in the main building on the second floor, this space links shops to each  another, allowing better human traffic and of course,  it makes a great photo spot too!


#2 – Rooftop Terrace


This spot is perfect  if you’re looking to take your OOTD with a panoramic backdrop of Common Ground’s signature exterior. You won’t have to worry about the lighting  here on a sunny day because the sun will provide natural lighting for  that perfect shot.

#3 – Bridge Link


As shown in the photo below, this spot is actually really near to the second  spot that was previously mentioned. The containers in the background provide structure and vibrancy to the photo.


#4 – Terrace Market near the restaurants


Located at the Terrace Market, beside all the restaurants on the rooftop, the containers at this part of Common Ground are red instead of the signature blue. The bold colours in the area really make the pictures more contrasting and give the pictures a lot of depth.


#5 – Staircase


When you’re at Common Ground, you’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of elevators  present in the area, making shopping a little more tiring because of the stairs. Nonetheless, it still does make a good spot for photos, like this one. The grid-like stairs provide dimensions to your photos. Also, the stairs located at the designated areas have different backgrounds at different parts of Common Ground, so you’ll definitely have a few options to choose from.


#6 – ‘What Women Want’


On the second level, there are a few shops present that make really good OOTD spots. In the following picture, this spot is actually located at the shop called “What Women Want”. Selling apparels and accessories including shades and phone cases, this shop provides a space for that perfect OOTD shot.


#7 – Beside the staircase of the Main Building (2nd Level)


‘Don’t Quit Your Shopping’? AGREED! I lived through this motto as I shopped my way through Common Ground. I mean, one can never have enough of shopping!

#8 – Staircase near the Accessories and Cosmetics area


As previously mentioned, natural lighting works best for all sorts of photos. You’ll be able to find this staircase right beside the main building at Common  Ground. Here, you’ll be able to find shops selling dainty accessories and cosmetics too. The natural light emanating from the window will make your picture look really bright especially with the black staircase as its backdrop.

CGOOTD_place6 CGOOTD_place7

#9 – Outside the Market Hall


Lights, camera, action! This spot is found right outside the Market Hall of Common Ground. Featuring the two main doors into the Main Building, it’s best to capture the moment as quickly as possible  to avoid anyone from photobombing your shot.


#10 – Common Ground Signature OOTD Spot


Of course, saving the best for the last. The most common place where everyone has to take a shot when they’re at Common Ground. This signature spot can be seen everywhere on social media! As common as it is, you can’t deny how nice your pictures taken here will turn out to be. So make sure to ace that pose  of yours that you’ve been dying to take!


As seen from above, this picture doesn’t do justice to the amount of people present in the area who were all waiting for their turn. So one thing to note, come early and try to avoid the peak periods or else you’ll have to wait in line just like the rest.

You can also checking out Common Ground in the evening too! With the sun setting in the horizon, the panoramic view of the place is simply breathtaking.

In the evening, fairy lights line the parameters of the rooftop providing a spectacular backdrop for that night shot you want to achieve.

[Seoul] Common Ground