If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook posts frequently then you might’ve came across a few of your friends  posting about this place known as Common Ground.



Located near Konkuk University train station, Common Ground is the world’d largest pop up container store. Consisting of at least 200 blue containers, stores sell hip and fresh accessories and apparels for youths. Cafes are on the first and second floor. Restaurants take the third floor offering a wide variety of food choices on the terrace.


This place reminded me a lot of Artbox in Bangkok, where the concept of the shops are pretty similar to that of Common Ground. However, what differentiates Common Ground from Artbox is that the shops are located indoors! It’s definite plus point because you  can enjoy shopping in  comfort without having to worry about unforeseen weather circumstances.


The first and second levels are fully air-conditioned whereas the terrace area isn’t, except for the restaurants.


When you enter the main hall area,  you’ll notice that there’s a DJ Booth in the middle of the square. I was taken by surprise when I saw that there was a female DJ handling the booth. The music was pretty well mixed.


You can find cafes selling cakes and  pâtisseries on the first level. Be dazzled by  their wide range of desserts that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Rainbow cake, strawberry shortcake, and too many more to name, you’d be spoilt for choice.


If you’re looking for a quick yet savoury bite so you can spend more time shopping, check out the food trucks located at the open area of Common Ground.

Here, similar to that of the  street food in Korea, they serve food ranging from  Western to  Mexican fare on disposable plates that you can just simply grab and go!


I found the concept of the stores really interesting because it has an open concept as compared to the usual stores that you find in the mall. What makes Common Ground really attractive is actually the interior and uniqueness of each store.


Each store has a strong characteristic of it’s own and it’s very evident from the kind of clothes they sell and how it is all displayed.



The stores at Common Ground sell both men and women apparel. Style-wise, it’s more skewed towards youths who are into street and casual wear. However, if you’re planning to shop till you drop, it’s best to note that the items sold here are pretty pricey and you might be able to get a few of these pieces down at Hongdae at a much cheaper price. So it’s best to lookout for unique items that you think you might not be able to find anywhere else.



If you visit the other section of Common Ground, you’ll find shops selling shoes and accessories as well as cosmetics! Popular cosmetic brands include ‘Too cool for school’. There’s also a stretch of stalls in the area selling dainty accessories and perfumes. The perfumes smell really nice and  they are  in the form of perfume sticks. There is also  a photo booth on the same floor where you can take photos with your friends or family for 3,000â‚©.




Restaurants surround the parameters of the terrace on the third level. Craving for Japanese or Thai food? Check. Or would you prefer something a little more western? Well, look no further because you can find all sorts of food here!



For lunch we settled for some Japanese food at Abiko Curry. Similar to that of Monster Curry, you can choose your spice level for  your curry and customise what you’d like to add to your dish. Prawns, chicken, the list goes on.


And if there’s still room for desserts, check out this ice cream parlour  selling one of the best soy milk ice cream! You can get this beautiful swirl at Milk GongBang. It’s only right to end the meal on a sweet note!


And of course, there are a ton of photo spots located around Common Ground! It’s an OOTD Heaven so make sure you’re dressed in your best outfit to  flaunt it for the camera. It’s best to come with a friend or two so you can take turns taking pictures for each other.


If you’re unsure of which spot is best to take these OOTDs, then stay tuned for the upcoming posts where we’ll show you the 10 spots for that perfect Instagram-worthy shot!  


With new flea markets opening up every weekend held at the open area selling things from accessories to clothes, there’s so much that Common Ground has to  offer.  So don’t miss out  on the hype and  head on down to  Common Ground today!

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