Tucked away in the shopping area of Omotesando is a  well-hidden gem, Commune 246. It first opened a little over two years ago  and it has evolved to become one of Tokyo’s most chill hangout spots. It’s a gathering of hip food stands ”“ offering great variety from Thai dishes to German sausages.

I will be sharing with you my all-time favorites from the vast selection of food and drinks from the 15 food stands.

Located in back left corner of the Commune 246 space, Wired Café offers a variety of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and amazing open hotdogs.


This food stand has both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s the only food stand that actually has proper indoor seating with air conditioning. There is a comfy couch area along with counter seating where iPad are free for customers to use.


I usually stop by Wired Café for their drinks since they always have new specials depending on the seasons. This constant change-up on their drink menu is always fun- allowing customers to try something new every visit.


This time round, I tried their “Tropical Mango Smoothie” (~500 JPY) and their summer special “Berry Milk Frappe” (700 JPY). The mango smoothie was refreshing with a hint of tangy sourness while the berry milk frappe was more of a parfait with frozen berries, vanilla ice cream and almond pudding on the bottom.


Schmatz is a German food stand offering burgers, sausages, fries and of course, German beer served in a boot. It’s located right in the middle of the Commune 246 space.


One of my favorite burgers in town is the Schmatz’s “Schnitzel Burger”. They offer five types: original, cheese, chili, cranberry and camembert, and avocado. It’s not your standard beef patty burger- it’s a fried chicken burger. The burger I always get at Schmatz is their cranberry and camembert schnitzel burger (900 JPY).

The cranberry and camembert cheese combo creates a sweet but salty touch, complimenting the schnitzel burger very well. The burger itself has quite the volume so it is guaranteed to fill up an empty stomach.


One can’t leave Commune 246 without having the “Ribbon Fries” (~750 JPY) from Brooklyn Ribbon Fries. It’s hard to miss their stand that’s located right at the entrance of Commune 246.



Their signature dish,“Ribbon Fries”, are fries cut up in a spiral which can be flavored in 4 ways: sea salt and fresh pepper, all spice, cinnamon and sugar and onion gratin soup powder. I recommend the sea salt and fresh pepper flavor, as it goes well with the original taste of the fries.

Don’t be surprised if you end up finishing these in less then 10 minutes ”“ they are that good. It’s a good combo to have with Schmatz’s schnitzel burger or with a cold brew from the other food stands.


Not only is the food great here, the atmosphere of Commune 246 is one of the most chill  in Tokyo. It’s hard to find a laid-back place with outdoor seating in this busy city.

On weekends, they often have live bands and deejay performances at the center stage. Commune 246 is actually a temporary food stand set-up with only a couple months left to go. It’s a hidden gem with a lot to offer ”“ definitely check it out!

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