Whenever I travel, it has become a norm for me to visit Changi Recommends at Singapore Changi Airport. It brought me so much convenience, especially for someone like me who needs to be connected online,  24/7!


For my recent trip to Japan, I tried out some of the new services from Changi Recommends and all I can say is that with the convenience it brings, I totally recommend them! Here is why:

#1 ChangiWIFI for Japan with Unlimited Data Coverage  


I can’t leave Singapore without getting a mobile WIFI router, or else I will feel totally helpless! I rely on it so much because I require the Internet for directions and also so that I can do research for places to go. When I have free time, I can even update my day through Facebook and Instagram, and even Dayre on the go!

Tip: Having used both WIFI routers from Changi Recommends and those provided by our apartments, I must say that Changi Recommends router is more reliable because the battery is able to last longer and the connection is stable. Plus, with the unlimited data, you can just use without having to worry about anything.

I had bad experiences with WIFI routers provided by the apartments because once you reach the limit of the day, you will be totally handicapped – the internet just would not work anymore!

If you are travelling anytime soon, check out these promo codes!

AMMK5 ”“ For ChangiWIFI rentals to Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea at $5 a day
AMMK8 ”“ For ChangiWIFI rentals to Malaysia, China, Vietnam at $8 a day
AMMK12 ”“ For ChangiWIFI rentals to Europe at $12 a day

Valid for travels by 31st March 2017 and for online bookings only. Book here

#2 Overseas Attractions


In Osaka,  one must-visit place is  Universal Studios Japan! I am thankful that Changi Recommends  recently launched this new service of providing tickets for  Universal Studios Japan. Upon alighting the train station, I was shocked by the hordes  walking towards USJ!


Thankfully, I got the tickets earlier from Changi Recommends! Having collected the  tickets earlier, I managed to  beat  the long queues and headed straight to the entrance gates like a boss. The queues were insanely long! I was so glad I did  not have to waste time because there’s much to see inside.

At both Singapore Changi Airport and Universal Studios Japan, I didn’t have to queue at all! How cool is that!


The main attraction at Universal Studios Japan has got to be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter where I got to try Butter Beer!


I love this shot I captured in  the park!


Of course I  stayed till the park was closed!

Tip: Book your tickets early with Changi Recommends and skip all the long queues at the counter. Avoid going on weekends and public holidays because the queues for popular rides can be as long as 3 hours!

There are also other overseas attraction tickets for Japan such as Disneyland, offered by Changi Recommends. Check out more information here.

#3 Overseas Airport Transfer


This is a brand new service by Changi Recommends – Overseas Airport Transfer! My pre-arranged car was already waiting for me even before my pick-up time.


I was so glad that we were taking the Airport Transfer because it was raining on the day of our departure. I cannot  imagine the hassle  of pushing our 20kg bags to the train stations and transferring to the different trains.

This Toyota Alphard limousine was big enough to store the 3 big pieces of luggage we had and we could still sit comfortably.

Along the way, we got to enjoy  new views. Of course, the ride was so  comfortable that I fell asleep halfway.


The good thing about Airport Transfer is someone will assist you with your bags. This is great  for female travellers.

Tip: The price for Japan Airport Transfer starts from S$145 depending on the kind of vehicle you require. Don’t even think of taking the normal taxi because it will easily cost you S$300.

If you want convenience or if you are travelling in a big group, this would be the obvious choice in terms of affordability.

#4 More on Japan

Changi Recommends has recently added overseas land tours to the list of services offered. In short, I can say that they offer many services that help make your trip more comfortable and convenient. You can check out the complete listing for Japan here.

If you are travelling to several cities in Japan, you can also get the JR passes here.

I personally tried out the services by Changi Recommends and I really like how it helps to save time and money! :)

All you have to do is just to purchase your items or services online and collect your orders at any of your preferred Changi Recommends booths located throughout Singapore Changi Airport, 24/7!

This post is brought to you by Changi Recommends.