Cookin’ NANTA Show  is a nonverbal performance but a very entertaining and energetic cooking show. ”˜Nanta’ is a Korean word to mean strike relentlessly.  During the performance, they are actually cooking and at the same time, transforming the the utensils into musical instruments.


Even though there is no speech, the actor’s skilful movements and facial expressions brought laughter and joy to the crowd. During the show, be prepared to be called up on stage for an exciting challenge too!

cookinnantashow1 cookinnantashow7 cookinnantashow8 cookinnantashow2

The highlight of the show is a “Water Drum Sequence” where drummers beat 5 standing kitchenware drums with water and LED lights on it and this climax makes the audience confused whether it’s drum or their heart beating.

cookinnantashow6 cookinnantashow3 cookinnantashow4