Croissant Taiyaki is native to  Japan and I must say it’s a perfect match between Taiyaki and Croissant. Croissant Taiyaki is by  Gin-no-an  éŠ€ã®ã‚ã‚“, the people behind Gindaco, (the famous Takoyaki chain).


Croissant Taiyaki is a rectangle pastry, with a fish imprint  in the middle. The pastry is actually croissant covered with  sugar granules. The finished product is a golden shiny piece of fresh pastry waiting to be indulged. I recommend that  it be eaten immediately after the purchase to get the highest level of satisfaction.

The original filling includes Azuki Red Bean Paste and Vanilla Custard. You will find some different varieties during different seasons and the selection will  include things like Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Matcha, etc.


Each piece of Croissant Taiyaki starts from 210 ¥.


Even though you love Taiyaki, you definitely have to try this hybrid version. In fact I love Croissant Taiyaki more, probably because I love croissants!

For more pictures of Croissant Taiyaki (making of), refer to Croissant Taiyaki Bangkok which has taken Bangkok by storm as well.

The pictured outlet is at Shinjuku, located just below Shinjuku Alta building. They are also located in various parts of Tokyo but I would say the Shinjuku and Shibuya outlets are probably the most convenient location for tourists.

[Tokyo] Croissant Taiyaki