Thai locals love all things Japan and that can be said for Japanese desserts too. We have seen brands like Croissant Taiyaki and BAKE Cheese Tarts with success stories in Bangkok. Today, there’s another new popular brand brought in by BAKE. It’s the famous Japanese cream puffs from Croquant Chou Zakuzaku.

We tried it during our trip to Tokyo 2 years ago and it was the  must-try street food in Harajuku.


Since they have arrived in Bangkok, you don’t need to take the aeroplane to try this anymore. Just head over to Siam Center! Do be prepared for long queues during peak hour though. But they move quite fast though.


Croquant Chou is basically  cream puff in a “stick” form, coated with crunchy almonds and filled with high-quality milk. The milk is from  free-range cattle, raised in the stress-free environment of Hokkaido.


They are prepared fresh and the cream will only be filled after somebody orders them.


Each piece costs 75฿ and 1 person can buy a maximum of 4 pieces at 280฿.


Apart from Croquant Chou, they also have Soft Serve at 135฿.


Making your way to grab them in Bangkok now?

[Bangkok] Croquant Chou Zakuzaku paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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