Foodies who are familiar with Bangkok must have heard of Daniel Thaiger Food Truck, the one that started selling gourmet burgers amidst the famous local food stalls along Sukhumvit Soi 38, garnering raving reviews and daily queues in the process. They also likely started the current food truck trend in this city.


But what if I told that within a short walk from Thong Lor BTS station, you could enjoy the  comfort of an air-conditioned restaurant, all of Daniel Thaiger’s most popular seasonal specials, made with chilled Australian Wagyu plus a complete array of other food selections?


Welcome to Crying Thaiger (a play of words inspired by ‘crying tiger’, a popular grilled meat dish from North-Eastern Thailand), the new dine-in concept from the same team behind Daniel Thaiger. I was greeted by a sous-vide machine upon entry, which really is  a great first impression!


First things first, Crying Thaiger’s truffle fries (195THB), complete with generous shavings of cheese, was wonderful for sharing. For the adventurous, go for their larb fries (pictured below, 195THB) which has more character and large dash of local flair.



Their signature Beef  Guacamole  (390THB with a side) comes with a beautifully-cooked medium Wagyu patty, smashed avocade and crispy bacon. A good combination, and I would like to give special mention to their perfect brioche burger buns, which lifted their burgers to another level.

My wife had their Pork Mac ‘N’ Blue (390THB with a side). I would personally prefer it with a beef patty, but I do love this burger as it surprisingly comes with their home-made Mac ‘N’ Cheese in the burger itself. It was so rich and delicious I could eat the Mac ‘N’ Cheese on its own.


Crying Thaiger might not look like a place for little kids, nor does it carry a menu to suggest so, but having brought my little monkeys along, I realised how experienced and accommodating they were. Aside from having colouring material to keep the kids occupied, they were ever-ready to make changes to their dishes to suit the kids as much as possible.

In fact, their Teriyaki Salmon (490THB with a side) might be my favourite dish of the night, as they did everything possible to allow the quality of their salmon to shine through. Such simple flavours always win my heart.


You might enter Crying Thaiger not expecting dessert, but you cannot leave without trying their Thaiger’s Cheesecake (150THB). It’s cold, smooth, rich and satisfying, perhaps the best cheesecake I have eaten for a while.


Their list of signature cocktails (340THB each) is equally interesting and worth a sip or two. This JCGN is a refreshing concoction made from gin, jasmine syrup and cucumber.


For loyal  Daniel Thaiger burger lovers, the burgers at Crying Thaiger could be a tad complicated, but I feel that the beauty of Crying Thaiger really shines through when you come with a group of your favourite people and order some dishes from every part of their menu. It will be a long, fun night.

[Bangkok] Crying Thaiger

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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