Diora Spa is located at One Fenix Squre, Level 1 of Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 Hotel. This spa is not under the hotel management and hence, prices for the treatments will definitely be more affordable.


There are many massage parlours along Sukhumvit 22 but a quick walk along the street, there isn’t one which I’m attracted to, definitely not for spa treatments. At Diora Spa, a haven of peace and tranquility awaits you with its elegant interiors.


The golden brown interior does make this place luxurious and even sitting down, it is comfortable with all the cushions around.


Take a seat, choose your preferred treatments and have a cup of welcome drink and towel to freshen yourself.

diora-welcomedrink diora-scrubs

If you choose a treatment with body scrub, you will be given 4 choices of scrub to choose from and you can smell it to see which you prefer.


You will then be brought up to level 2 to get your feet washed.


At Diora Spa, the interior is decorated with candles, and that is one of their Signature Treatment here. I will talk more about it later.

They have several room types and all comes with a private shower.

Couple Treatment Room

Single Treatment Room with Foot Massage Chair. The massage chair looks so comfy!!!


For today’s treatment, I went with their signature treatment of the month, 90 minutes of  Diora Candle Massage with Body Scrub [2200฿++]. If you do not want the scrub, 60 minutes of Diora Candle Massage is 1750฿++.

It is interesting but of course I had several thoughts on my mind. Wouldn’t the wax be hard? Would it hot? What is so special about it?  In fact there are several benefits of the Diora Candle Massage:
– Relaxation
– Regulate blood circulation
– Soothing feeling
– Easing of tension, stiffness and pain
– Delicately nourish skin


Firstly I had the body scrub and it was good. The  masseuse did put in effort to scrub and massage and that is worth mentioning as some places you can really feel that they are just going through the motion. After a bath, I proceeded with the candle massage.

The candle massage was an unique experience with a different sensation from other massages, with the hot wax dripping onto your body. The drip was warm and it is being massaged around your body, giving you a delicately nourished skin.

At the end of the massage, a  heat pad that was placed onto my shoulder and it helps to relax your shoulder muscles.


After your massage, be treated to Diora Spa’s signature Panna Cotta.


I need to mention about the slippers at Diora Spa. Usually I won’t take notice of the slippers but this one caught my attention just after 2 steps of walking. It is so cushiony and so good to wear and walk in. It seems to have air inside to re-pump when you walk to make it cushiony again. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourselves. :) It is available for sale at 480฿++.


There are also other spa products for your purchase as well!

+ Like

A modern and luxurious spa with an affordable price tag. Massage is done with effort and the Candle Massage was interesting giving you a different sensation from other massage.

– Dislike

= Conclusion

If you staying in Sukhumvit and would like a clean and comfortable massage with a nice setting, this is it. Prices are affordable although you can find cheaper ones outside the road but the atmosphere is definitely not up to match and the massage quality not guaranteed. Do checkout their promotions as it changes monthly.