Divana opens a second cafe just a year after the debut of Divana Signature Cafe at Central World. It is in the same complex but the second cafe, named   Divana Forrest Cafe, just one level down. Yes, Divana specialises in luxury spa and products and recently, it seems like they are expanding their dining business too.


Divana Forrest Cafe is located on the ground floor of Central World and the concept here is totally different from Divana Signature Cafe. Forrest focuses on Thai dishes while Signature focuses on international-style dishes.


Divana Forrest Cafe is simpler with less decorations compared to the Signature Cafe upstairs but it is equally beautiful and nicely scented all around. Similiarly, you can purchase Divana’s aromatherapy products at the cafe.



Here comes the “golden drink”. Well, actually it’s just plain drinking water with a very beautiful cup. They really emphasis alot on the utensils and plating, making every dish so beautiful, which is quite important in the Thai market.


Check out their Exotic Natural Blend Juices [140฿] if you want the most instagrammable drink here.


Their Butterfly Pea Granita [220฿] and Amarita Jasmine Chilling [180฿] is beautiful too.

Nothern Style Angel Hair Chicken Curry Soup [220฿] – Divana’s rendition of Khao Soi. The curry here is not overly thick and is in fact quite pleasant to drink without feeling “gelat”. The noodles here are also diffrent as they make use of angel hair for the noodles.


Thai Pork Belly Confit served with rice and Thai spicy sauce [250฿] – Super crispy pork belly here!

The star at Divana Forrest Cafe has to be their Rainforrest Afternoon Tea Set [1200฿]! You will be amazed the moment you see it arriving at your table! It is something that makes everybody at the table happy.


Don’t worry, it is good for sharing and as usual, this afternoon tea set focuses on traditional Thai desserts! Do check out our video above to see what the Rainforrest Afternoon Tea set has to offer.  Don’t forget to prepare your phone and camera for some videos!

If you are in Central World and looking for a nice place to relax or chill out over some Thai dishes, check out Divana Forrest Cafe. If you prefer international-style dishes, then head up to Divana Signature Cafe.

[Bangkok] Divana Forrest Cafe

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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