When Divana is mentioned, you will automatically relate it to luxury spa and products. Now, you can add another association to it with their new Divana Signature Cafe.


Let’s step into the new Divana Signature Cafe at Central World!


Be greeted by the beautiful decor featuring lots of flowers and scent.


Stepping into this cafe is an experience. You get to smell the sweet aroma scent accompanied by a beautiful display of flowers.


Divana aims to bring you through a series of smell and sight before you actually get to indulge in their food and drinks. Did you know that Divana used to have a cafe a long time ago in one of their spas?

So, opening a cafe is not a new thing for Divana, no wonder the food I tasted was of really good quality, especially the desserts!


You definitely have to check out their impressive and  instagramable Afternoon Tea Set [1200฿ for 2 pax]! Every item presented was quality and tasted delicious. Get ready your phone and camera for some videos!


The Afternoon Tea set comes with a wide array of both Thai and western desserts. I especially love their signature scones, chocolate lava cake and the beautiful jelly in the middle.


Initially, we thought that the centrepiece was just a display item and was surprised to know that it was actually an edible jelly. But it’s so beautiful to be eaten!


The beautiful chocolate lava cake!


If you are alone then probably the Afternoon Tea set is too much for you. You can check out their Coconut Butterfly Pea Cake [180฿] which was both delicious and colourful. It was so easy to eat because of the lightness of the cake.


Classic French Toast [180฿]! Just pour some maple syrup and you are good to go!


Divana drinks area really healthy, beautiful and most importantly it smells good. I especially love their Key Lime Honeycomb Smoothie.


Apart from desserts, they also serve salads and mains to cater to the needs of the different crowd. Pictured above is their signature Rose Tea Leaf Salad [250฿].


Hoisin Duck Burger [320฿] features an organic duck confit in a special Hoisin sauce along with sliced beetroot to give you that added colour and flavour.


They even have Chicken Banh Mi [240฿] which I felt required some refinements to the ingredients to have that more authentic taste. Having tasted banh mi from both Ho Chi Minh City  and Hanoi, my expectations were definitely higher.


At the cafe, you will basically get to experience their popular spa/aroma scent, beautiful deco together with delicious food to make you feel relaxed, like a hi-so tai tai. You can even purchase their products from the shop too.

If you are in Central World and looking for a nice place to relax or chill out, check out Divana Signature Cafe.

[Bangkok] Divana Signature Cafe

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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