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Divana Virtue Spa was awarded Best Luxury Day Spa 2013 and Best Luxury Wellness Spa 2013 by World Luxury Spa Awards. Pictured together with the award are the different body scrubs which are created in-house. Let’s take a look how the 2013’s Best Luxury Spa looks like!

Divana Spa - Awards Best Spa

Divana Virtue Spa is housed in a classic and contemporary colonial house that has been kept untouched. Entering the beautiful front yard, being surrounded in the beautiful and well-kept garden, you just simply forget about your chaotic life and start to enjoy the serene, warm and cozy atmosphere.

Divana Spa - Walkway

The beautiful fountain with the sounds of water will bring you to another state of being.

Divana Spa - PondDivana Spa - Colonial HouseDivana Spa - Lounge

The interior deco is actually more European than Thai. Am I in Thailand? Well, just take  a seat and enjoy the lush greenery through the full-length glass window while waiting for registration  to be done.

Divana Spa - Welcome Drink

Enjoy your welcome drink and also freshen yourself up while selecting your preferred spa treatment.

Over at Divana Virtue Spa, there are actually 2 sections – Spa and Clinic.


Over at Divana Clinic, they concoct their own way of treatments under the theme of  “Natural Anti-Aging”. The concept aims to smoothly and effectively incorporate the science of anti aging with Homeopathy and Holistic Care, using  safe, modern, and reliable treatments.

Divana Clinic

I had the opportunity to try out one of their Integrative Facial Therapy called “Intensive Boost“. The 1hr treatment consist of Hydradermabrasion + Mesotherapy Non-Needle Facial Bright with Hyaluronic Acid + Acupuncture Points Facial Massage.

The treatment was really relaxing, soothing and cooling as I felt cold healthy air being blown into my face, sort of like having an air-conditoner directed on your face, so cooling! Again, it was so relaxing that I fell asleep.

Divana Spa - Facial Room


1 hour flew by  quickly and it was time to move over to the Spa Treatment. Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself.

For the Spa treatment, I had “Growth Hormone & Ruby Hot Stone“. It is a Ruby Hot Stone Retreat + Growth Hormone & Collagen. I believe many of my  female readers’ eyes are wide open now.

Divana Spa - Massage Treatment Room Divana Spa - Massage Treatment Room

This is just one of the room deco in Divana Virtue Spa. In rooms where there is a bathtub, it looks totally different. They have a mix of colonial and modern deco. Do check them out.

Divana Spa - Massage Treatment Room

I must say, this treatment is “WOW!”, incredible! This is a holistic treatment based on the use of Ruby Hot Stone. It sensationally massages and assist the body in self-healing to restore lost vitality, rebalancing the skin and the body’s energy flow. Enriched with Growth Hormone & Collagen, this sumptuous spa therapy is sure to leave you radiantly smooth and velvety to the touch as it replenishes moisture and reimposes younger-looking skin.

I totally loved the feeling of the smooth Ruby Stone gliding throughout my  body so smoothly. The heat from the stone,  combined with the strength from the therapist was amazing. The sensation of both the ruby stone and growth hormone and collagen cream was just heavenly!

Divana Spa - Hot Stone

This massage is totally a new experience for me and indeed a special and memorable one too.

Divana Virtue Spa - Walkway Divana Virtue Spa - Massage Room

Divana Spa - Divana Products

If you love the fragrance of the spa and the experience from Divana Spa, do check out their wide range of products too.

Divana Spa - Lemongrass Tea

After every massage, do drink a cup of tea to further get rid of the toxins in your body. And at Divana, better finish their Dragon Fruit and Banana platter  because it’s so delicious!!!

Divana Spa - Fruits

Thank you Divana Virtue Spa and Khun Laksuree (Marketing Director) for hosting us and giving us such an unforgettable experience! I do love the Spa Treatments here and you should also check it out soon!

Divana Spa - Marketing Directior

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