Ever since Dominique Ansel Bakery opened their outlet in Tokyo on June 2015, it became the must visit place for every tourist to Tokyo.

Have you heard of Cronut? It is actually a hybrid pastry between croissant and donut. Seems like hybrid pastries are very popular nowadays. Anyway, cronut was created by Chef Dominique Ansel and when you are at his bakery, you should really try the original cronut. Please also note that they usually sell out by lunch time.


I reached Dominique Ansel Bakery (DAB) at 2:30pm and there was already a queue outside, 2 queues actually. One queue was specially for those who want to get the cookie shot because it only starts selling at 3pm.

I had to make a decision. To just try the popular frozen s’more or to get the cookie shot as well. Since I had already made a special trip here and it was just 30 minutes more, I decided to wait.


So we were allowed to join in the queue after 3pm and it took awhile to clear. Entering the bakery, we were greeted by the various pastries.


Cookie Shot! These are already packed for takeaway, so if you are lazy to queue further, you can just purchase and leave.


Cannele which looks so delicious too.



Well,  every pastry item here seemed to be calling out to me to try  them. I really had to practise self control.  It was finally my turn to order. Do note that you can only proceed to find your seats only after you have collected your items.


Frozen S’mores [750 ¥]. This have been appearing on social media very frequently. Everything part of it looks so instagrammable. From the torching to the final product.

They are actually torching the honey marshmallow and inside it is actually vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate feuilletine flakes.


When you bite into it, it gives you a smoky yet sweet taste. It’s a very sweet item so if you don’t really like sweet stuff, don’t order this. Or else, the taste and texture was actually a pleasant treat for me.


Cookie Shot [480 ¥]. The “cup” is actually a soft and moist chocolate chip cookie and it’s so nice to see the cold-infused vanilla milk poured into it.

The cookie will slowly turn softer as it absorbs the milk. But no worries. I finished my Frozen S’more before tackling the cookie shot and it was still perfectly intact.

There was simply too much sweetness just from these 2 popular orders. Definitely worth a try. I will be back to try their famous Cronuts!

[Tokyo] Dominique Ansel Bakery