Covered in white and marble with a hint of pink, Dssent Cafe should not be missed if minimalism is your aesthetic. Known to be one of the more highly raved cafes in the scene in Seoul, this cafe  at Apgujeong, takes your usual cafe experience to a whole new level!


Their list of drinks range from your typical Basic Coffee & Tea, House Special Coffee, Drip Coffee, Cold Brew to Non Caffeinated Drinks like Lemon Ade and Tea Ade. In my opinion, I think the prices are  reasonable and similar to that of the other cafes in Seoul.


The walk to the cafe was quite a distance from the Apgujeong subway and it was a bit tricky to find since it was hidden amongst the many office buildings in the area.




Upon reaching the destination, the cafe was actually quite prominent as its white and minimalistic decor stood out from the clutter of its surroundings.


At the entrance, you’ll notice this iconic spot that’s seen everywhere on social media if you search up for Dssent Cafe.

Although it’s a place for customers to have their drinks, many love this spot to take their photos  for its good lighting and decor. The cactus that’s a rare sight in a cafe, adds a unique touch to the ambience.





Adding to its minimalistic settings, the marble tables accompanied by the silver metal chairs further accentuates the clean and modern look that the cafe is so famous for. The use of their takeaway cups as part of their decor was also an innovative way to spruce up the interior.


Customers usually frequent the place to have their coffee breaks or do their work as well. I would say the space is pretty conducive for you to work on your laptop since plugins are provided at certain areas of the cafes.


Hand Drip Coffee [5,500â‚©] –  The hand drip coffee came in different levels of bitterness and we opted for the less bitter version.  You can also choose if you’d like it served hot or iced.

The hot Hand Drip Coffee was not strong and really fragrant. In fact, the coffee was a bit sour and it may be because of the different brewing technique used in brewing the coffee. The glass was served in a tall glass wrapped in a cloth sleeve so that you won’t burn your hand while holding it.


Dssent Latte [4,000â‚©] –  This was a special seasonal drink that they added to their menu. The colour of the Dssent Latte was really reminiscent of the decor of the cafe. In terms of taste, the drink was a nice surprise and the sweetness of it is just right. Best served cold, this drink is a great option for those who prefer something that’s less caffeinated and more sweet.


Interestingly, as seen from above, it came with instructions of how the drink should be drunk.


Cold Brew [5,000â‚©] –  One of their signature drinks would be their Cold Brew. This number is especially interesting as the coffee, that comes in a silver can, is poured on the rocks in another cup that is provided.


We noticed how much effort they put into their drinks when we saw the carved ice ball in the glass. Who would’ve known that the drink was to be served so fancily! It was a different way of drinking our typical cup of cold brew. As for the taste, the coffee was not that strong as it was a medium-bodied coffee – it had a thinner and lighter consistency.


Red Velvet Cake [7,500â‚©] –  Besides their list of drinks, Dssent Cafe is also popular for their Red Velvet Cake! We had a go at this slice, and we were amazed by how moist the cake was. The cake was not too thick and the sweetness did not overpower the flavour. What’s best is that you won’t get sick of eating the cake even after a few mouthfuls. The texture of the cake and the cream cheese was so smooth.

[Seoul] Dssent Cafe (디센트) paid for food review unless otherwise stated.  

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