Suki Yaki and Shabu Shabu are one of the big food fads in Thailand right now. There are many new restaurants that serve these kind of food, both as ala carte items and buffet. However, what I am going to introduce you today is the hidden Suki Yaki place that has been famous among the locals for more than 10 years. The restaurant is called “Ducki Suki”.

The restaurant is located near BTS “Udomsuk” station. When you get down from the BTS, you can take a taxi for approximately 15 minutes or take Airport Rail Link to “Huamark” Station and take a taxi for 10 minutes. The restaurant is open from 10 am – 10 pm. This restaurant is very family oriented and very suitable for  family with kids. On the weekends they will have a special show by  the clown and give away crafted balloons to the kids!


The famous item of this restaurant is of course their Suki Yaki and also their Thai dishes  as they are the sub-brand under “Bua” restaurant, the famous Thai food  restaurant. Their Roasted Duck is also very famous as well.


The Roasted Duck here is Thai-Chinese Style Roasted Duck. The meat is super soft and the skin is just perfectly cooked and not greasy. It comes with their special sauce which gives it a bit of salty taste. Imagine the pork stew gravy but a thicker version. It is just so good with these roasted duck. They also give you sweetened black soy sauce with goat pepper for the ones who like to eat it the spicy way.



Here’s the  famous Suki Yaki! I ordered “Healthy Vegetable Set”, marinated meat and pork. I really like the pork here since it is very soft and the meat is  very well-marinated. The pork in Thai is called “Moo-Noom” (หมูนุ่ม) which means soft. I also ordered some Shrimp meatball, Seaweed-Pork Meatball and Egg. I really like the meatballs here because  they are super soft and bouncy. The shrimp meatball also contained a lot of real shrimp meat inside.



To eat Suki Yaki, you should put the vegetables in the pot first because it will sweeten your soup. After that, add the meat.


The last one that you should put in is egg. This is the tip that my family always does, when we blended the egg was to put some soy sauce, chives and parsley to enhance the flavor of the egg and then poor it down into our pot.



Now, you can wait around 2-3 minutes and then Ta-Da, your Suki Yaki is ready to be eaten. You can also enjoy your Suki Yaki with the restaurant’s Thai style Suki Yaki sauce. The base sauce tasted a little sour and spicy. However, you can also add lime juice, garlic and chilli as much as you would like to enhance the taste! :)


There are  also more tips for people who love to eat rice. You can enjoy your Suki Yaki first and then when your pot is almost empty but still have some soup left, ordering a bowl of rice and some more meat and make the porridge in the pot is also a good idea. I also like to order an egg to make the poached egg on the top of my porridge as well!


This restaurant also serves Thai desserts and cakes. They also have the take-home version. The dessert I like the most here is “Coconut Milk Ice Cream”. In this menu, they used the homemade ice cream and put some more Thai-Style toppings. The ice cream itself is very rich in flavor, you can really taste the coconut and also enjoy  the super creamy texture. Moreover, you can also taste  some coconut meat, jackfruit and Lod-Chong (Thai Rice Cake) in the ice cream.

Other Thai toppings are also very nice. They taste very local and original. They put Lotus Seed to enhance the crunchy texture, Coconut Meat, Water Chestnuts to enhance the sweetness and crunchiness, and Toddy Palm also to give you some more sweetness.


I also ordered shaved ice with Lotus Seed and  Gingko in Red Sweetened Syrup. It is very refreshing for the hot day in Bangkok.


The restaurant also has a variety of Thai snacks as offered in the showcase. They have Thai cookies, Mini Thai Pine Apple Pie, Dried Fruits and Fried Fruits. But my favorite one is the Thai-Style Singaporean Cookies as it is salty and combined with peanuts on top. I just cannot stop eating them. Ducki Suki also outsourced “Lisa Bakery” which is very famous for this kind of snack to bake the cookies. It is very worth a try!


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