Where will you get to see layers and layers of ice cream all stacked together? The shop which managed to do it is Emack & Bolio Ice Cream!!!

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Customers like to stack it up for a good photo to post on Instagram even though they can’t finish it alone. But other than just a beautiful picture, it tastes very good too!


Look at the ice cream cones! So much  variety for you to choose from.


I’m having the number 1 seller, Oreo Ice Cream with Nutella & Oreo Marshmallow Cone. They are the original makers of Cookie & Cream (Oreo) ice cream from the US and after trying it, I was  amazed by the taste and flavour! I can finally say that I tried the original!


When eating the ice cream here, I say take the cone with marshmallow. It’s sticky and chewy texture goes very well with the crispy cone.  This costs 190 baht. If you take a normal cone it’s cheaper but everybody here orders the marshmallow cone cos it’s their specialty!


They currently have 5 locations in Thailand. Scroll down for the exact locations.


Eat Ice Cream and be happy! :)