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Ewha Andong Jjimdak – Delicious Braised Chicken Stew

By Shazrina

Around the Ewha Woman’s University area for some shopping or sightseeing? Then make sure to stop by for lunch or dinner at Ewha Andong Jjimdak (이화 안동찜닭)!


Located along one of the main shopping streets at the Ewha Woman’s Shopping Street, this place is famous for its Andong Jjimdak, otherwise known as, Braised Chicken Stew. I was drawn to the place at first because of the various recommendations posted right outside of the shop and good reviews done by famous TV broadcasting stations. Of course I wanted to have a go to see what was the whole craze about.


The restaurant was located at the basement, so you’d have to take the stairs down to be seated. The restaurant’s concept is also quite interesting with fake trees decked in the middle of the restaurant.


We ordered the most popular dish on the menu, which was obviously their original Andong Jjimdak. The platter was huge enough to be shared for 2 pax. Accompanying the main dish, a bowl of rice was also served to be eaten together.


I really liked the blend of ingredients in this dish and how the flavours matched very well with each other. The chicken was very well braised and soft. As for the sauce, it had a light consistency to it and it was not too salty and not too sweet. The potatoes also made this meal very filling and I liked how well it went with the sauce too! To add on, the mushrooms were huge and you could tell that it was really fresh and chewy, just the way I like it!

One thing to note about this dish is the glass noodles that you’d probably have trouble eating because it’s really slippery and hard to pick with your pair of chopsticks, so I’d advise you to have a little more patience with it. It really does taste well so, it’s worth the hassle!

[Seoul] Ewha Andong Jjimdak 이화 안동찜닭



A foodie at heart with a passion for videography, Shazrina is born and raised in Singapore with a strong love for anything Korean. This die-hard shopaholic has a strong desire to travel and explore the world, nothing can stop this adrenaline junkie from trying out new things. She loves watching YouTube videos and video editing of all sorts. Check out her Instagram @kimikoshaz to lookout where she’s heading off to next!

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