If you’re looking for a place to splurge on a ton of good deals, check out Ewha Womans University!


We paid a visit to this district on a weekday where it was less crowded. Another contributing factor may also be because most of the university students  were on their holidays.


You can also check out the exterior of the university and take a few shots too! Some of these places also make good spots for some OOTD shots.


The shopping space is located literally right outside of the campus space, making it twice as convenient for students to shop before, during and after school! This makes the area a place where youths like to chill and hang out  with their friends.


As you enter into the shopping street, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of stores selling really nice and casual clothes for everyday wear. Styles usually range from streetwear to preppy and many more!


Prices start from as low as 5,000W and most of them fall in the range of 10,000W to 20,000W. Looking at the  low and affordable price tag, you’d doubt its quality. However, there’s nothing to fret because most of their clothes are of really good quality, so it didn’t disappoint me one bit.


To beat the sweltering heat  you can also opt to try out Blackburn’s Sesame Ice Cream! It isn’t too sweet and the sesame flavour is really strong!


I highly recommend you getting the Milk and Sesame Ice Cream so that the flavours are more balanced. I also really liked the black cone that came along with it as it was not too dry and it was so  crispy.


One downside about shopping at Ewha would be the fact that it doesn’t have as much apparel for guys as I thought they would have. The shops mainly cater to woman as it is located near the Women’s University. There are a few shops that sell street style clothings for men though, and you can check out other shops along the street selling bags and accessories ranging from caps to sunglasses too!


If the mini shops along the streets aren’t enough, you’d be happy to hear that there are big brand labels such as Top Ten, the popular unisex brand in Korea, selling clothes for all shapes and sizes. Not to mention, their spokesperson is Song Joong Ki from the Descendants of the Sun. So don’t shop till you drop because the only thing that will be descending is your bank balance at Ewha from all that hardcore shopping!


[Seoul] Ewha Womans University Fashion Street