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Ewha Woman’s University – Fashion Street Shopping!

By Wilbur Suen

Ewha Woman’s University is one of the popular shopping areas in Seoul and it is also known as Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street.

Before hitting the shops, you should really take at least 15 minutes to check out their campus compound because it’s just magnificient, nothing quite like what we see in our universities in Singapore.


Right at this spot in front of you, there are 3 spots for some beautiful photos.


1) Ewha Campus Complex is Korea’s largest underground campus structure, designed by Dominique Perrault. It resembles a glass-and-steel valley.


2) Welch-Ryang Auditorium, built in 1956.


3) Walking above Ewha Campus Complex will give you a complete different view.


Alright, enough of sightseeing, it’s now time for the main purpose of this post – Fashion Street Shopping. If you look straight ahead, you will see some buildings and that’s where we want to be.


This fashion street shopping is definitely targeted at students in Ewha University, so expect the shopping here to be trendy and affordable.


Be prepared for some uphill and downhill walking though.


There are ongoing sales, almost everywhere.


Look at the number of shoes and footwear at this shop!



Fashionable bags!





There are rows of branded cosmetics shops, some of which you might find familiar such as The Face Shop and innisfree. You can expect the prices here to be much lower than what you can find in Singapore!


The young at heart will definitely have something to buy here. If you are feeling hungry, don’t worry.


There are actually many street carts around the shopping district selling lots of popular street food which you can typically find in Seoul. Stay tuned for the next post featuring street food at Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street!

Ewha Woman’s University – Fashion Street Shopping

Wilbur Suen

Wilbur Suen is the brainchild of Wilbur Suen. He is based in Singapore but loves Bangkok so much that he keeps returning. He loves travelling, eating, technology and has high standards for them. In his free time, he will be sourcing for new places to visit so that he can document and share. Try to catch him in Bangkok eating local dishes, enjoying aromatherapy spa or chilling at a rooftop bar.

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