If you are a shopping fanatic and enjoy shopping at places like  Union Mall or Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, you will love this new shopping area.

Welcome to Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center, also known as Goto Mall or Express Bus Terminal shopping. As the name suggest, it is a train and bus station with an additional plus point, a whole stretch of cheap underground shopping that consists of 600 shops!


The first task would be to manoeuvre your way out of the train station and to the correct Exit 8. There are quite a few exits honestly, so look out for the signs in the train station. However, do not worry too much if you find yourself getting ”˜lost’, and not sure which exit to head to. As long as you are generally in the correct direction, exiting at different exit station just means entering a different  section of the shopping area.


So, for the shopping kings and queens, as you make your first step into the shopping area, you will probably be at the middle section of the shopping area. Look left look right, and the first thought will be ”˜where do I start’ as two never ending stretches of shops lie ahead, waiting for you to explore. Take a deep excited breath and start your journey in conquering this long shopping stretch!


Deciding to start from one side, we started exploring the shops. One would have to keep in mind which time of the year your visit is. Simply speaking, you would not find summer clothes here during winter, so to friends from countries that are sunny all year round, do not be disappointed and expect summer wear during the winter season. However, whichever season it is, I would say there is a good selection of everything. So what is there to buy here?


I would say there is a huge choice for female clothing. You will find many shops selling similar looking clothing. However, take note that there can be a huge price difference between similar looking pieces.

As I happily chose a cheaper option and paid for it, I walked into another to realise the price does really matter! The quality of the piece of clothing I bought was somehow not as good as a similar one in another shop. However, no complaints with the price that I paid. Prices usually start from $10.00 onwards.


Of course there are also shops selling men’s wear also. However, the range of clothing and style will not be as huge as female clothing, so guys, be prepared to help carry those extra bags of clothes if you are going with a female friend.

That’s all? Do not fret as there are many interesting things to get also. There were many shops selling shoes that were quite reasonable in price, especially if you are into the kpop groove. I actually saw more people in shoe shops rather than clothing shops, perhaps because there are just too many clothing shops.


As you move towards the two ends, you will find shops categories ranging from children’s wear to household.

If you are new to Korea and intend to visit this place, I think you will be able to find items for your house here too.


After completing the long shopping walk, its time to fill up your stomach before you start your walk back again for perhaps round 2.

Be sure to check out the different eateries at both ends (literally at the end) of the mall. You could get a cup of energising coffee at Pak’s Coffee and settle down for some delicious tteokbokki or udon soup nearby. The tteokbokki is really soft and chewy, and with the sauce that accompanies it, it simply keeps  you fully energised for your next round of shopping!

That said, I would think you will need at least half a day here, with lunch included, and I’m sure you will leave the place feeling very satisfied and contented with your purchases.


*A cautious note, despite being really excited that you will get lots of cheap shopping done here, do not head down too early, as the shops are generally not open that early so you will end up walking around aimlessly waiting for the shops to open.

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Text by Hui En, Photos by  Wilbur

[Seoul] Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping