I had the privilege of being invited to the “Find Your Fabulous” Media FAM Trip 2013, organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Both Roseanne (one of Singapore’s Top Beauty Bloggers) and myself were really blessed to be representing Singapore for this trip.

Find Your Fabulous - Singapore Blogger

So what is this campaign about?

If you do not know, Thailand is the top destination in Southeast Asia attracting about 2.4 million foreign medical tourists. The reason is simple. You get high-quality treatment and services at affordable prices.

Despite being the top, Thailand is still actively developing its medical tourism sector. Right now, they are moving towards the online market. It’s a good move. We spend most of our time online and at times, making purchases is a breeze especially for services overseas such as air tickets, hotels, spas, etc.

Find Your Fabulous” aims to remind us to step out from our hectic lifestyle and start rediscovering ourselves, bringing back our beauty, wellness and health, making us feel Fabulous again.

The newly launched Find Your Fabulous Website offers a wide selection of exclusive deals on wellness and beauty treatments, spa packages, and hotel stays in Thailand. Over 30 leading providers of wellness-related services will be offering about 150 packages, allowing tourists all over the world to book online at a special rate, till 31st October 2013 (No pre-payment required).

And being part of the Media FAM Trip, we got to experience some exclusive services. *Stay tuned for a more detailed post coming up!*

1)     Hotel Stay at Sofitel So Bangkok

Find Your Fabulous - Sofitel So Bangkok (Metal Room)

A very trendy, chic and luxurious hotel, which I feel, is SO Fabulous. They offer themed accommodation created around the Five Elements – Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. Get to choose to stay in your favourite element and enjoy high-tech features such as an Apple Mac mini solution in every room. The in-room private bar is complimentary as well! Indeed, I got to experience the energy, tranquillity and glitz at Sofitel So Bangkok.

2)     Lunch Buffet at Red Oven – Sofitel So Bangkok

Find Your Fabulous - Red Oven Sofitel So Bangkok

Red Oven is not the typical lunch buffet that you usually find at hotels. Styled as a World Food Market, they offer dishes reminiscent of traditional street food fare but given a contemporary twist by Executive Chef Paul Smart. Food offerings here are unique, beautiful and delicious. And I love the So Signature Thai Tea Ice Cream!

3)     Spa Treatment at The Oasis Spa Bangkok

Find Your Fabulous - The Oasis Spa Bangkok

A trip to Bangkok would not be complete without a spa treatment. Stepping into Oasis Spa, I immediately stepped out of the hustle and bustle of city life, into the tranquil ambience, which allowed me time for some relaxation, restoration and renewal. Love Thai Traditional Massage and Aromatherapy Massage? Their signature treatment “King of Oasis” begins with Thai Herbal Hot Compress followed by a Hot Oil Massage, which is a combination of both Thai Traditional and Aromatherapy Massage into one. The whole treatment indeed makes you feel majestic!

4)     Dinner at Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant

Find Your Fabulous - Blue Elephant Restaurant & Cooking School Bangkok

This restaurant has been serving Royal Thai Cuisine since 1980. Indeed, upon entering its premises, I felt like royalty. Every dish served has the authentic Thai taste, as you are able to savour the different herbs and spices in the cooking. Blue Elephant is also a cooking school and they offer different classes teaching famous Thai dishes.

5)     Health Screening and Treatment at Holistic Medical Centre

Find Your Fabulous - Holistic Medical Centre Bangkok

A Medical Center for Integrated Prevention, Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation. A detailed health screening is done through a very simple, pain-free method using state-of-the-art technology equipment.  I went through ALCAT (The Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test) to detect the type of food I’m allergic to and also Hyperthermia, which is an infra-red treatment, making my body’s immune system stronger. The visit ended with a consultation with the doctor explaining my health condition. Now that I understand my body better, it’s time to make changes to improve my life. Prevention is better than cure.

6)     International Lunch Buffet at BlueSpice Restaurant Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Terminal 21

Find Your Fabulous - BlueSpice Restaurant Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit Bangkok

The Lunch Buffet here is something everyone is familiar with as they serve a variety of European and Asian dishes. The high ceilings and full-length glass windows make the environment an elegant, relaxing and comfortable place to dine in. If you love pasta, you will be glad to know that they do DIY Style Pasta. Choose your choice of pasta, sauce and seafood!

7)     Facial Treatment at APEX Profound Beauty

Find Your Fabulous - Apex Profound Beauty Bangkok

Apex Profound Beauty is recognized as the No.1 health institute that performs the most Thermage procedures worldwide. Think Beauty Treatments + Medical. This place is well known with locals and they are really big, doing everything related to Beauty. I get to do a Facial Revival & Nourishment treatment, which made me look much refreshed despite the lack of sleep!

8)     Fabulous Night Exclusive Party at Sofitel So Bangkok

Find Your Fabulous - Fabulous Night Exclusive Party

I’m amazed by  the sheer size of the event, I did not expect it to be so grand! It’s actually a party whereby everyone involved including sponsors and media gathered. The highlight of the night was “40+ Fabulous” celebrity fashion show, where females looked 10 years younger than their age.

9)     Spa Treatment at Divana Virtue Spa Bangkok

Find Your Fabulous - Divana Virtue Spa Bangkok

I love the spas in Bangkok as they really put in the effort to make you feel relaxed. Divana Virtue Spa (Spa and Medical) is housed in a classic and contemporary colonial house with a beautiful garden, emitting a serene, warm and cosy atmosphere. It’s time to forget everything and come in with a free mind. At Divana Clinic, I experienced yet another relaxing facial treatment that made me look refreshed and younger. For the next hour at Divana Spa, I had a spa treatment using Ruby Hot Stones. The smooth stones glide through your body with the warmth and essence of Collagen from the massage cream that makes it unique and comfortable. What a heavenly experience!

All this would not have been possible without our trusty Mini-Bus, bringing us to our scheduled locations on time. The comfy leather seats also provided us with a comfortable ride especially when we were stuck in the jam.

Find Your Fabulous - Thai Rent A Car

As always, all good things must come to an end. I did rediscover myself and will start making myself fabulous again. I am also happy to make new friends from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the USA during this Media FAM Trip.

Find Your Fabulous - Media

As for you, work is never-ending. Take some time off and step away to somewhere special that will bring back your beauty, your wellness, your health – you are fabulous!

Explore exclusive offers at Find Your Fabulous as part of the Find Your Fabulous season. Treat yourself to a day in the spa, speciality skin treatments, or a dental visit that will brighten your smile, you’ll leave Thailand feeling fabulous!