Thai locals love bubble tea and they can drink a cup everyday. That is why you see so many bubble tea shops all around Bangkok! Similar to all around the world, the trend of milk tea has moved to Brown Sugar Boba Milk. Popular brands such as Tiger Sugar and The Alley from Taiwan see super long queues in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. But before they entered the Thai market, a home-grown brand – Fire Tiger by Seoulcial Club captured the hearts of many locals.


We checked out their shop at Central World and it was easy finding them because of their kiosk with a big tiger head and also the loud music being played. We wondered if it’s necesary for the loud music, but probably to entertain customers who are waiting for their drinks.

They have outlets at Siam Square Soi 3 & 7, Siam Center, Icon Siam and Central World. Note: Central World’s outlet is now under renovation and will reopen in August)


Thankfully when we were there, the queue wasn’t long. However, after ordering, the wait was as long as 10 minutes.


Although the milk version was more popular, we ordered the milk tea instead. The price is actually 30THB more expensive than Tiger Sugar.


“Frying” of the pearls or bubble, in progress. The speciality of the drinks here is that they will actually “torch” the brown sugar, giving that extra smokey flavour which isn’t very obvious.


Our drink was finally ready and we collected it from the tiger’s mouth! Interesting? Probably it’s just a gimmick to differentiate themselves from the competition. The drink was nice but we felt that it was a little too sweet for our liking. P.S. Thai love sweet drinks.

It was hard to compare which brand was better because it is really a personal preference. If you a bubble tea lover, be sure to check out Fire Tiger! Don’t foget to tell us which you prefer!

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