There are so many districts in Japan which you have to check out. One of them has to be Tokyo station  in  Marunouchi (丸の内) district, one of Japan’s most prestigious business districts.  The buildings around here are beautiful!


Tokyo station used to be the train hub of Tokyo and  it still remains one of the major train hubs today.


You get to see lots of local trains and bullet trains (shinkansen) here. To get a good view, here’s a tip: Head over to the rooftop of  KITTE building.

Once you are done exploring the ground, it’s time to go underground!


At the basement of Tokyo station, you can find “First Avenue Tokyo Station”. It’s a place you need to check out if you love Ramen, Japanese characters and tidbits.


At ramen street, you will be spoilt for choices with the various ramen offerings.

If food is not your priority, head over to character street where you can find all your favourite characters!


Hello Kitty Shop!



Pokemon Store if you don’t have time to visit Pokemon Mega Center at Sunshine City.


Rilakkuma Store!

Apart from all the cute characters, there’s also  Okashi  Land where you can get your tidbits.


You will chance  upon  Calbee+, the place to get  freshly made fries.


Look at their menu!

FirstAvenueTokyoStation-Snacks3  FirstAvenueTokyoStation-Calbee+2  FirstAvenueTokyoStation-Snacks4

Freshly fried potato, who can resist it?

FirstAvenueTokyoStation-Calbee+3  FirstAvenueTokyoStation-Snacks5

Other than that, they also sell many variations of Japanese tidbits which are beautifully packaged. This is great if you are looking to get souvenirs.



I personally prefer buying the snacks from the airport because I do not have to include the purchases in the luggage. Of course, if you don’t have the time to shop in airport, Tokyo station is the place to get the stock!

You can find lots of options and choices here and you will really just feel like getting everything. Thank goodness they are not cheap, or else you  will really end up buying  everything back.

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