Flaming Don! Am I expecting an instagrammable experience here with nice pictures of don on fire? No, you won’t but do expect quality and delicious Japanese dons with meats grilled Yakiniku style. They are affordable and won’t burn a hole on your pocket.

They are located on the 5th floor of Bugis+ and easily accessible via Bugis MRT.


There’s no service charge here but there’s a catch! Flaming Don is a self-service concept restaurant, right from the ordering process to the returning of trays.


Order your food using the two machines.


Feeling thirsty? You might want to complete your meal by upgrading to a set which comes with the free-flow drinks and miso soup at only $1.99.  There’s a good mix of hot and cold green tea as well as soft drinks and orange juice.



Chicken Karaage [S$4.90] – Other than dons, they also have popular Japanese appetisers for you to fill your stomach.

Flaming Don offers a variety of 15 don bowls, all glazed with the signature Flaming Don  house sauces. The array of meats offered will cater to each and every individual, depending on your preferences.


Australian Wagyu Don  [S$19.90] –  Wagyu lovers, expect a juicy A3 Wagyu striploin, drizzled with their homemade sauce served with fried garlic slices and onsen egg. What an explosion of flavours and textures in your mouth.


Signature Flaming Beef Don  [S$17.90] – The is the most promoted don here. You get dice cut Australian tenderloin with  honey black pepper sauce, served with onsen egg. Although it was delicious, I felt that it still lacked that smokiness and tenderness in the meat.


Teriyaki Steak Don  [S$14.90] – Don’t want to spend that extra on wagyu beef? This works perfectly well, in fact, this could be my favourite in terms of price and flavour.


Signature Flaming Chicken Don  [S$9.90] – On a budget? This will satisfy your stomach. I like how the chicken meat was so tender and smoky at the same time, giving a good texture and flavour as a whole.


Chicken Combo Don  [S$12.90] – Want more chicken? Get the chicken combo don!


Miso Buta Yaki Don  [S$9.90] – Pork lovers, you have to get this! The pork belly slices are tender, flavourful and smoky. I would say that it’s a good balance between the meat, fats and flavour (garlic miso). You will fall in love with this.


Japanese Pork Hamburger Don  [S$14.90] -Want something chunkier and easy to get? Perhaps this pork hamburger will work well for you. It comes with an omelette too!


Salmon Don  [S$13.90] – If beef, chicken and pork is not your thing, don’t worry, they have fish too! The salmon was well cooked and it wasn’t too tough or raw.


Char Siew Ramen  [S$14.90] – Don’t like rice? They have ramen too! Although you can choose the texture of your noodles, I felt that the texture was al-dente and the whole ramen generally taste good! Oh, it comes served with black garlic oil so you get a little roast and garlicky flavour.


Look! They are just open for less than a month and it’s already full house! I also love the deco here featuring the famous containers (think Artbox), making it more hipster and casual.


Yes, after you finish your meal, please return your trays on your because they didn’t charge you for the service. Thank you.

[Singapore] Flaming Don

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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