Florte Flower  Cafe will be renamed Flower Cafe Lovin’ Her and this is a must visit cafe, especially if you love flowers or if you’re on the lookout for niche cafes that are different from the norm. The cafe is just 9 months old and very new to the scene.  You won’t see many tourists here, for now!



The entrance to the cafe. A lovely spot in the concrete jungle that is Seoul.


Nothing heralds the arrival of spring like cherry blossoms!


The owners’ vision of the space: a very inviting and personal touch.



Floral crowns are also provided for customers  to take pictures with.



There are different kinds of tables here. Marble provides for really clean flat-lays. They have rustic, wooden tables too if that is what you prefer.


With the cafe being floral-themed, you can expect that the beverages and food will come infused with flowers. Your orders will be served on decorated trays like that.



The cafe serves mostly drinks and desserts. Perfect for an afternoon stop.


Too pretty to drink!


This cafe is a treasure trove with gorgeous backdrops and features everywhere. The owners have a great sense of aesthetics and beauty.


They also  have floral arrangement classes 3 time a week with classes taught in English, Mandarin  and Japanese. Just enquire within.


The friendly crew and boss. Don’t worry about not being able to speak Korean. They can also converse in Mandarin and English!



The co-owner, Eun Yeong, is a florist and her shop is located at Ewha Woman’s University (Exit 4). Just walk straight down after the exit and you will see the shop. Buy a few blooms for your hotel room!  She has run her flower shop for 8 years and she will be able to help you with your purchase.


There is so much love and thought put into the decoration, food and running of the cafe. Blankets are draped across the seats in the colder seasons, and it really is a lovely spot, a quiet little nook away from the rush of the city. There will be many photo opportunities here, so come prepared to stay a while to really enjoy the space. They even provide chargers in case your smartphone runs out of battery. This must have been a common problem for their patrons, seeing  how everything just calls out to be documented.

Flower Cafe Lovin’ Her