Don’t you just love it when  somebody plans your trip, sources for delicious food to try in Bangkok, new places to shop, etc? I hardly get to experience this as I’m always the one planning the trip for my friends. It can be stressful at times.

I recently got to know about a social enterprise in Thailand that cares about preserving the local way of life and helping communities in Thailand become more sustainable. Known as SiamRise Travel, they believe in eco-tourism, agro-touristm with a  local touch.

I had a day free and decided to join their “Free Bangkok Walk” program held every Tuesday night for a free guided tour in Chinatown, Yaowarat. Cynically, some of us may  think, “I have been to Chinatown many  times, I might probably have been to the places that they are going to bring me!” But I chose to tap on the positive mindset  and thought,  “That is something interesting, I get to meet locals and foreigners, I might even chance upon something new!”. Yes, think POSITIVE!

We gathered at Hua Lumphong MRT Station and began our walk to Chinatown once everyone arrived.

freebangkokwalk-wattrimitr_thegoldenbuddhatempleStop 1:  Wat Traimit – Temple of  Golden Buddha

Inside Wat Traimit is a mega statue of Buddha made from 5.5 tons of solid gold.

freebangkokwalk-tienfahfoundationhospital_thekuanyinshrineStop 2: Tien Fah Foundation Hospital and The Kuan Yin Shrine

The Tien Fa foundation is the oldest charitable society in Bangkok, dating back to 1902. They provide free medical care to the poor.


And here we are at Chinatown, Yaowarat.

freebangkokwalk-kuaychap_auanpochanaStop 3: Auan Pochana  Kuay Chap (Rice Noodle with Roasted Pork)

This Thai version Kuay Chap taste a little like Singapore’s Bak Kut Teh because of the peppery soup. I like it because you really feel shiok after eating this, especially on a cold night. They are located below an old-school movie theatre.


This looks like a mandatory thing to do. Photo taking along Yaowarat.


Stop 4: Pad Thai & Oyster Omelette

siamrisetravel-oysteromelettefreebangkokwalk-cockles_pajinStop 5: Cockles  –  Pa Jin (Auntie Jin)

This shop is really famous with locals. You will get to enjoy fresh cockles, dipped in their special chilli sauce.


Stop 6: Thai Toast & Milk Tea


Thai toast which is so simple and so delicious.


Chayen, always a good choice when one is  in Thailand.


Here’s a final group shot before we walked back to Hua Lumphong MRT Station.


Thank you Khun Good & Faiy for the invitation to join the tour. I had fun learning new stuff and going to new places in Chinatown for food. And all the food places that they brought us, I personally only visited one of them before and the rest were  new to me!

Most of the customers who join the tours know about it through Hostels noticeboard and online (if they search for it). So if you are interested in joining such foodie tours, check out their “Street Food Trails” where there is an inclusion of a “Tuk Tuk experience” and “Stunning Riverview at Roof Top Bar” at the end.

If you are interested in eco-tour outside Bangkok, check out their newly launched  canal tour, “CBT Mahasawat Canal”

Do check out SiamRise Travel for more information.