While many call it Fried Ice Cream Rolls, I like to call this Instant Ice Cream because the ice cream is made freshly on the spot when you order (without any oil). Recently, videos of this ice cream have been going viral.

Ice Manias - Facade

They do have a wide selection of flavours for you to choose from. You can choose your ice cream flavour, toppings and syrup. After paying, they will get into action! I ordered Banana Oreo with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Ice Manias - Making

Firstly, they pour the chocolate liquid onto the “ice cream pan/ice stove”, and then “fry” it. Oreo cookies and bananas are then added in and crushed into smaller bits.

Ice Manias - Making

It is then spread out again, flat like a roti prata.

Ice Manias - Making

Once it’s ready, it is made into rolls.

Ice Manias - Making

And voila, here is your ice cream!

Ice Manias - Ice Cream

This is the final product of my Oreo Banana Ice Cream. It’s so delicious, and you can still taste some bits of oreo and banana even after it is crushed. Initially, I thought this would taste like cheap ice cream, but I was wrong. It’s good!

There used to be many shops around Bangkok, but they have since closed. The most convenient location to get this now is Jodd Fairs Night Market.