We heard a lot  about Gaa from Eddie (Stranger in Bangkok) and with the recent news coverage of Gaa  to be awarded (or to win) a Michelin Star (something which Eddie predicted and anticipated in May 2018). Gaa is led by executive chef Garima Arora and was awarded its first Michelin star in November 2018, making her the first Indian woman chef to be awarded a Michelin.

Chef Garima is from Mumbai, Noma-trained and was  Gaggan sous chef  being moving over (literally across) to helm Gaa, which is also one of Gaggan’s group of restaurants. So, what cuisine is served at Gaa?  Chef Garima calls  it “her personal take on what food should be like”, using global techniques to prepare locally sourced ingredients.


Let’s move on to the food. The 14-course tasting menu starts from 3400 THB++ and 6400 THB++ (with wine pairing). They also have a 10-course tasting which starts from 2900 THB++.


#1 Chilled Soup of Guava, Roselle, Fermented Mulberries

A very appetising start to the meal! One would expect a hot soup but hey this was chilled!


#2 Savoury Betel Leaf

What’s so interesting about eating leaves? Gaa can change your perception. The crispy  betel leaf was coated with duck stock and herb salt! Surprisingly delicious.


#3  Duck Doughnut

The familiar  Takoyaki but with spicy duck filling. Crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside.


#4  Mixed Greens & Jaggery Flat Bread

Below the greens is a flatbread with brown buttercream and blobs of cane sugar. Very  good!


#5  Chicken Liver, Fruits

The spiced frozen chicken liver is elevated by the inclusion of lychee.


#6  Corn

Nicely grilled, filled with smoky flavours and comes with a corn dip.


#7  Unripe Jackfruit, Roti, Pickles

This is common in India but not in Thailand. The grilled raw jackfruit with caramelised onions comes with flatbread and various side pickles.

You either like it or you don’t.


#8  Crayfish, Khakra

Lightly grilled crayfish sitting on an Indian cracker called Khakra, topped with pomelo.  Brilliantly delicious.


#9  Blue Swimmer Crab, Long Peppercorn, Macadamia Milk

Who knew this combination would go so well. Speechless. Just so delicious.


#10 Milky Mushroom, Egg Naem, Yeast Aquafaba

Juicy  mushroom with various blobs to elevate the flavours.


#11  Pork Rib

Let’s welcome the star of the meal. A simple pork rib but elevated by the different simple ingredients. I especially love how the pomegranate  brings about the sweetness and crunchiness to this dish.


#12 Banana Bread

Biscuits with banana water making it feel like banana bread. Clever.


#13  Organic Burnt Coconut Sugar Ice Cream, Pork Floss

Can this flavour go together? Apparently yes. This is not your typical sweet dessert.


#14  Chocolate Betel Leaf

We start and end with betel leaf. This was good too.

gaa-CoffeeKombuchaCoffee Kombucha

gaa-lychesakeLychee Sake

The drinks at Gaa  are really on the next level. Their lychee sake & coffee kombucha are really easy to drink. You just wish that their drinks were unlimited too.

The meal at Gaa was simply amazing. I love almost every single dish served and I like the fact that every dish was beautiful, warm/cold as it should and that the flavours blended so well together to make it a delicious treat. Being amazed at what was presented together with the pleasant flavours, I just have to say “wow” to Gaa. They really deserve the stars!

Don’t miss out the exclusive interview with Chef Garima as we asked her questions such as:

  • What kind of food does Gaa serve?
  • What do you think got you the Michelin Star?
  • What is your favourite Indian restaurant in Bangkok?
  • Which places would you recommend to eat in Bangkok aside from Gaa?
  • Can you name a chef who inspired your culinary journey?

[Bangkok] Gaa

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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