Gaburi Chicken (がブリチキン。難波4丁目) was  one of our hidden finds. We were on the hunt for good or probably the best Karaage in Japan. Having seen this, we just had to head in to try.


While walking to our next destination, we chanced upon this shop. Despite being full, there was still a special energy drawing me into the place, probably because of the nice deco and the word “Karaage”.


We got seated in a considerably crowded restaurant. It was about 11pm when we entered.


They were heavily promoting this drink called Smirnoff High Ball Lemonade and it seemed good so why not . It actually tasted just like lemonade and  I could not detect any hint of alcohol. But after some research, I realised that high ball was actually whisky.

The chicken took quite a while to arrive and we had already drunk half a cup of the lemonade.


You get to choose the various parts of the chicken but we decided to go with just the normal chicken wings.

Every piece was big, juicy and addictive.


Karaage! This comes without bone so it’s so much easier to eat! Just look at the tender meat inside.

“Karaage is the nearest thing to heaven that I’ve eaten”. Not really but the chicken here is really good and if I’m staying in Japan, I probably would find myself here very often.

Gaburi Chicken is from Nagoya but they have branches in Osaka and Tokyo! Don’t miss this place if you love chicken!

[Osaka] Gaburi Chicken