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[Busan] Galbi ga Masshida (갈비가맛있다) – Don’t miss out the bulgogi beef here!

By Kai Li Soh

Before making our way down to the Haeundae Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Busan, we stumbled across this KBBQ restaurant near exit 5 of Haeundae station (that also happens to be right across Sulbing) and decided to have our late dinner here.

We were pretty shocked to see that this restaurant opens at 11am and closes only at 7am! I guess that if you’re staying in Haeundae and have late night cravings for meat, this is the place to go.

We were very impressed by the service here. The staff here were very friendly and not only did they help us cook the meat (thankfully, because all of us had no idea what to do), but they refilled our many side dishes even without us asking too!  

First up, we ordered one portion of Flower Pork Belly (9,000 Won) which sadly, turned out to be below my expectations and in general, pretty average. I would say, save your stomach space for something better!   

The Bulgogi Beef (10,000 Won) on the other hand though….it really wow-ed us. It was juicy, tender and the marinade made the beef so flavourful! I suggest that if you visit this KBBQ restaurant, spend your money on this, I promise that you will not regret it.  

To put everything into a nutshell, I think the quality of food that you get here is pretty reasonable for the price. On top of that, you get excellent service and this is such a convenient location too!

[Busan] Galbi ga Masshida (갈비가맛있다) paid for food review unless otherwise stated. 

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Kai Li Soh

Kai Li Soh

Happily born and raised in Singapore, Kai Li is fresh out of college and waiting to enter university soon. During her free time, she enjoys sourcing for great shopping deals, hunting down the latest trendy food in Singapore with her friends and is always up for new experiences! Hop on over to her Instagram @omgitskaili to find out where she’s heading to next!

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