Tucked all the way into Sathorn Soi 11, opposite the 2nd 7-11 in the alley lies Sathorn 11 Art Space. Unlike the many other little art galleries mushrooming in Bangkok, Sathorn 11 Art Space is unique as it was set up primarily to provide an avenue for aspiring local artists to display their work.


They also have a residency program, where selected artists are invited from across the country to paint their work in the studios on the 2nd floor of the building before making the completed works immediately available downstairs.


Here are a couple of works that caught my eye during this month’s display.


I doubt I would be able to concentrate on my work though, if I were a resident artist, because the entire place  smells of freshly-baked Italian-style pizza the whole time. Yes, Sathorn 11 Art Space, unexpectedly, also houses Gallery Pizza, the brainchild of Shane Greene, who went all the way to Italy to perfect his craft before setting up shop here.


What you see above is 1 of the only 2 dining spaces available at the gallery, but Gallery Pizza is really concentrating on the delivery business, pairing pizza with wine, delivering from 11am to 4am daily, while most other pizza deliveries would have ended services by midnight.


At Gallery Pizza, we are welcome to order a half and half of any flavours available. What you see now is the artichoke on one side and the ham and mushroom on the other.


This is the White Italian [365฿], made of mozzarella, baked spinach, Italian sausage and Parmesan cheese. The crust is slim, but not so thin that it’s not filling, just the way I like it, and the slightly-charred edges add an important fragrant crunch to the overall texture.


Another shot of the White Italian.


The most popular pizza is the New Yorker [385฿], which is made of a myriad of toppings (Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, American Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Black Olives, Chopped Garlic, Fresh Basil) which give it an array of dimensions in every bite. This is also the clear  favourite among my hungry  companions.


Food aside, the most interesting part of our visit was the one-of-a-kind setting Gallery Pizza provides to all diners who are adventurous enough to brave the traffic and lack of parking space.

My companions and I all agree that having pizza in the backdrop of dazzling works of art is definitely one of the more pleasantly-peculiar dining experiences out there.


I cannot end this piece without mentioning this Pad Krapow Pizza [325฿], which represents Thailand in a nutshell. The stir-fried basil pork has the right tastiness with a sufficient amount of thai basil, but lacks the spicy punch that usually accompanies the basil pork usually found along the streets. It’s easily my 2nd favourite out of the 5 flavours I sampled.

In my opinion, Gallery Pizza is not the most convenient place to have pizza in Bangkok,  which explains its focus on the delivery business, currently defined by familiar names like Pizza Company, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Scoozi. With long delivery hours, promise of piping-hot authentic Italian-style pizza on arrival, wine availability and a whopping 2-for-499THB promotion that’s currently on-going, Gallery Pizza has certainly set a new standard for pizza delivery in Bangkok.

I tried making an order to have my pizza delivered to my residence. You can check out the verdict here.

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