Osaka Castle is one of the must visit places in Osaka. After the visit, you might be exhausted and if you are looking for a good pizza place, check out Garden Bar & Coffee Japan!


They are located near  Tanimachiyonchome Station and is just about a 5 minute walk away.


Upon entrance, you will see an open kitchen and you can see the chefs in action!


Pizza making in progress!


And off it goes into this traditional oven. If you see this in a pizza shop, you know that this pizza is going to be good!


Classic  Margherita Pizza  – It’s as simple as it can get. Just tomato sauce, basil leaves and mozzarella cheese. I like how the crust wasn’t too crispy even though it was thin.


Pizza with Tuna, Corn and Basil Sauce – This version gives a slightly different taste variation because you have salty flavours from the tuna and sweet flavours from the corn. It was just as good!


They also serve pasta here but we felt that it didn’t really suit our tastebuds because the noodles was the sticky type, it was as if we were eating yellow noodles.


This simple dessert is good! It’s basically swiss roll with cream but the cake is soft and the cream wasn’t too light. The whole dessert was light like  it should be. The accompanied grapes were really of quality and it was so good that we actually went around Osaka convenience stalls and supermarket to get our grape fix for supper!

[Osaka] Garden Bar & Coffee Japan