GLOW Pratunam is a two year old, 4-star hotel, located in Bangkok’s biggest shopping district. At GLOW Pratunam, you can have it all ”“ convenience, relaxation, and flawless style. There are more 3 star than 4 star hotels in Pratunam, and this is one of their favourite because it’s just located on top of Shibuya 19 Fashion Mall and just diagonally opposite Platinum Fashion Mall.

To get to the hotel lobby, you need to take a lift up and you will be welcomed by a dark setting, giving you a funky cool and boutique welcome feel.


After checking-in, head up to your room but this time, the environment  will be transformed from a dark to a bright setting.


I was hosted at Deluxe Corner Room (42sqm), the second tier room in GLOW Pratunam.


The room doesn’t quite fit with the style in the lobby because of the wood in the room. However, rooms here are inspired by spring, summer, autumn, or winter with rich colours balanced by plush linens.


I like the fact that the room is extremely spacious and other than the soft plushy king sized bed, there is a  lot of space for you to rest and lounge.  If there are no restrictions to the number of people to a room, it can easily fit 6 people.


You get a relatively long table to do your work, put on your make-up and much more…


Bathrobes for you?


A very simple mini-bar.


One thing I like about GLOW Pratunam are these automated switches. You can easily access all controls beside you bed, so when you want to sleep, you don’t have to walk to the different switches to turn the lights off before sleeping.


Don’t be deceived by the iPhone port. This MP3 dock works for android phones as well. Just plug in the 3.5mm port to your phone and you can too enjoy the music in your phone. And this MP3 player pumps out decent sounds and bass.


The bathroom in this room is extremely spacious and I felt the space  was a little wasted. The space could be put to better use to make the room even bigger to fit more people.


You get 2 basins, a bathtub and a rain shower. So if couples wake up late, and are in a hurry, you can use the different facilities together at once.


Now, here is the view you get from the room.


You get see the famous Platinum Fashion Mall from here.



And this is the night view.

Deluxe Room (29sqm) is the first tier room and it comes with King / Twin-sized beds. It’s not as big as Deluxe Corner, but it’s decent enough.


The room and bathroom is divided by a wardrobe, so you can access your clothes this way too.  Doesn’t the photo below look like a wedding style photo? :p


GLOW Suite (43sqm) is almost the same size as Deluxe Corner Room. However, the layout is different. The suites comes with a separate living room where the bedroom is separated. The layout somehow makes the room feel smaller and less spacious than Deluxe Corner.

glowpratunam-glowsuite1 glowpratunam-glowsuite2

But this room is great to those on honeymoon or couples.


You get what I meant?


Moving on from the rooms in GLOW Pratunam, I like the lobby / lounge area. It is well designed and gives you a very boutique feel.



Over here, you can order some drinks and just chill out.


For breakfast, it’s at the right at Lunar Sky Garden Cafe.


Breakfast was decent but not fantastic.


At least, the omelette was good!

Swimming Pool  GlowPratunam-Swimming2

A relatively big swimming pool with a number of chairs for suntanning.


However, I noticed that not many people actually use the swimming pool. A very simple reason for this:  everybody is busy shopping outside! :)




For those who want to work out, the gym is well equipped and it has bathing facilities  as well. Oh, you can enjoy the pool view while working out too.


For those who are looking for massages but do not want to travel out, you will be glad to know that there is a massage service provided at the lobby level.


The decor is actually quite cosy and comfortable. Of course, be prepared to pay a little extra for the convenience. If you walk out for massage at the other streets in Pratunam, you will be able to save 100 to 200 baht.


+ Like

Very big rooms especially the Deluxe Corner Room. I also like the soft and comfortable beds that make you just want to lie down the whole day.

– Dislike

The traffic at the main road is always congested. Hence, do factor in  some time for travel.

= Conclusion

Located just diagonally from Platinum Fashion Mall, this is a favourite among many, especially those who are here for shopping trip. Street food and  shopping is at your doorstop. So if you want convenience and a 4-star hotel, this is a good choice for you especially if you are travelling with your friends.