Operating since 1975, Golden Mile Food Centre has played an integral role in shaping Singapore’s unique hawker culture. While it is also well-known for housing the Army Market, a one-stop destination for hiking and army items, no trip to Golden Mile Food Centre is complete without exploring the treasure trove of scrumptious food across 2 floors. With a mixture of food from different cuisines, here are some of our all-time favourite stalls which are worth spending your Community Development Councils (CDC) vouchers on.

#1 Tee Kitchen


As Singapore’s first and only hawker stall selling Colombian cuisine, Tee Kitchen is unlike any other store you have seen before. Their signature dish is the Columbian Chicken with Salsa and Special Rice ($5.50), which tastes best with their homemade chilli if you would like an extra kick. To top it off, we recommend having the apple or banana crumble for dessert – slightly sweet, indulgent and fresh out of the oven.

Unit Number: #01-78


#2 Thailand Chicken Rice


Single-handedly managed by a hardworking Johor-born hawker, May Lee, Thailand Chicken Rice is the go-to place for Thai-style Hainanese Chicken Rice. Apart from fragrant rice and soft tender chicken, their unique selling point is the chilli sauce, where the addition of Thai lime gives the dish a zesty and refreshing taste. Although Thailand Chicken Rice is open from 7am, it is advisable to go there as early as possible since they sell out very quickly at around 1pm. If you want to know more about Thailand Chicken Rice, do check out our video with Johor Kaki here!

Unit Number: #B1-39


#3 You Fu Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle


Ran by a young hawker and his father, You Fu Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle has earned its spot of being one of the best hokkien mee in town with good wok hei. Each plate of hokkien mee is cooked in You Fu’s unique prawn broth, topped off with tangy sambal chilli and crispy pork lard, which adds a satisfying crunch to each mouthful.

Unit Number: #01-57


#4 Flourful Delight (知味面点)

goldenmilefoodcentre-Flourful DelightXiaoLongBao

Flourful Delight is a great pick for those longing to indulge in Chinese restaurant-quality food at reasonable prices. Ranging from Dim Sum to Lamian, we highly recommend trying their Xiao Long Bao, which comes with a generous amount of soup and flavourful pork filling, each delicately-wrapped in thin dumpling skin that does not break easily.

Unit Number: #01-85

goldenmilefoodcentre-Flourful Delight

#5 Chef Choo Signature


Chef Choo Signature is a widely acclaimed Western store that serves authentic Italian pasta, chicken chop and more. Opened by an ex 5-star hotel restaurant chef, Mr Choo, who is always seen donning a chef uniform while serving each plate of food with pride. Apart from their signature Sizzling Seafood Spaghetti, their creamy delicious Spaghetti Carbonara is another of their best-sellers.

Unit Number: #B1-45


#6 Chi Le Ma (吃了吗)


Chi Le Ma offers a variety of affordable yet good-quality steamed fish sets that are priced from as low as $5.50. We decided to try the sea bass set, which comes with a whole sea bass, a bowl of steamed egg and a large portion of rice. Not only is the fish fresh, the gravy that comes along with it is also a delight not to be missed! Needless to say, there is always a steady stream of customers queuing for Chi Le Ma during peak hours.

Unit Number: #01-87


#7 Wedang


In 2016, Wedang was the only Muslim-owned hawker stall listed in the Singapore’s Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide. Ranging from satay to tauhu goreng, Wedang offers an extensive selection of good quality and value-for-money food choices. We tried their delicious Gado Gado – a mixture of eggs, tofu, tempeh, potatoes and lontong – lathered in thick and concentrated peanut sauce.

Unit Number: #B1-19


#8 Nurhidayah Food Corner


Having been in business for more than 2 decades, Nurhidayah Food Corner is one of the best stalls to frequent for those craving Malay-style chicken dishes, such as authentic crispy chicken rice and Nasi Goreng Ayam.

Unit Number: #B1-10


#9 The Original Vadai


While The Original Vadai was a common sight in pasar malams, it has now branched out to have a few outlets across Singapore, one of which is conveniently located in Golden Mile Food Centre. Serving a few variations of vadais and skewers, you can’t go wrong with their signature crispy Prawn Vadai, which has a more chewy and lighter texture compared to other stalls.

Unit Number: #B1-32


#10 Xiao Shao Ye (小少椰)


What better way to beat the summer heat than to indulge in a refreshing cup of coconut-based drink or ice cream from Xiao Shao Ye? With natural sweetness seeping from the coconut flesh, our top recommendation is the coconut drink, which has a rejuvenating yet authentic taste.

Unit Number: #01-72



With so many options to choose from, it’s definitely going to take more than one trip to Golden Mile Food Centre to try all these amazing delights (unless you have a ravenous appetite). If you have CDC vouchers to spare, why not give these stalls a shot? We guarantee that it will be worth the trip!

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