While most of you may recognise Golden Mile Complex as the “Little Thailand” of Singapore, have you ever wondered what lies beyond the doors of the antiquated Golden Mile Tower? Built in 1974, the 24-story building may appear dismal at first glance, but it was renowned for housing Golden Theatre, the largest cinema in Singapore, before its popularity waned in the ‘90s. With numerous tour bus agencies, Golden Mile Tower was also a bustling hotspot for travellers going to Malaysia by coach before the pandemic hit.

As tourism starts to pick up speed, we decided to scour the area for fascinating shops that cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore. From local food eateries to heavy metal stores, here are some hidden gems in Golden Mile Tower you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

#1 Fin (ฟิน) Music Bar


Many Thai people use ‘ฟิน Fin’ to show that something is enjoyable, just like how Singaporeans often say ‘shiok’. Offering an eclectic selection of Gins from around the world, cocktails and scrumptious Thai food, Fin Music Bar is a chill hangout spot that is often patronized by the Thai community in Singapore.


Our personal favourite is Prawn Vermicelli, which tastes best when paired with their seafood chill. Beautifully decorated with vintage pictures and neon signs, the small yet cosy bar exudes a homely feeling with Thai music playing in the background.

Unit Number: #01-37 [Shifted to City Gate Mall, #B1-71]
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday, 6pm – 12am
Instagram: @finmusicbar

#2 The Projector


Taking the place of Golden Theatre, The Projector is an independent retro cinema that offers a unique selection of indie and award-winning arthouse flicks that you won’t typically find in normal cinemas. Hosting live comedy nights and popular film festivals as well, The Projector undoubtedly provides a theatre experience like no other.

Unit Number: #05-00
Instagram: @theprojectorsg

#3 Mun Ann Cafe


Tucked away on the 1st floor of Golden Mile Tower, Mun Ann Cafe is a small, hidden shop that has been serving old-school kaya toast since 1997. With their traditional homemade kaya, you can never go wrong with the classic Singaporean breakfast set: crisp kaya toast served alongside two soft-boiled eggs and a cup of hot coffee.

Unit number: #01-29

#4 Hock Cafe Nasi Lemak


Located opposite Mun Ann Cafe, Hock Cafe Nasi Lemak is the perfect place to satisfy your late-night cravings for nasi lemak since it is open only in the evenings. Besides fragrant coconut rice, the dish consists of chicken wing, hotdog, luncheon meat, fried egg and tangy sambal chilli – the best combination that makes up a delectable plate of nasi lemak.

Unit Number: #B1-90

#5 Ravage Records Store


Ravage Records Store is Singapore’s one and only metal store for avid metal-music fans to come together and shop for limited edition merchandise, CDs and vinyl from their favourite bands.

Unit Number: #02-41
Instagram: @ravage_records_store_sg

#6 The TKG Comic Circle

If you are an aspiring comic book artist or have an interest in Japanese pop culture, The TKG Comic Circle offers a range of quality courses and programmes that will help you improve your technical skills, whether it be manga drawing or game design.

Unit number: #02-55

#7 Hamster Haven Pet Shop


As Singapore’s first and only pet shop specialising in Syrian hamsters, Hamster Haven Pet Shop is a one-stop shop that has everything you need ranging from aspen beddings to cute Syrian hamsters. If you are planning to visit, make sure to give them a call as the shop is open by appointment only.

Unit Number: #B1-94
Instagram: @hamster_haven_singapore

#8 Erjie Curry Puff


Tucked in the basement of Golden Mile Complex, ErJie Curry Puff will undoubtedly exceed your expectations with their traditional homemade curry puffs, which come in many different flavours. Crispy on the outside and stuffed with a generous amount of ingredients, ErJie Curry Puff naturally stands out from your typical commercial brands. Make sure to come in the afternoon as they only start selling curry puffs from about 3:30pm.

Unit Number: #B1-62
Instagram: @erjiecurrypuff

#9 Vinyl Records & Antique Furniture Collectibles


If you miss the old-school vibe of listening to your favourite music on the record player, head over to Vinyl Records & Antique Furniture Collectibles and scour through their large library of English and Mandarin vintage records. However, they are only open on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.

Unit Number: #01-18

With so many other interesting places in Golden Mile Tower, it is best if you could come and experience them for yourself. Although Golden Mile Tower may not be the most exciting mall in town, I still feel that it is worth visiting because you won’t know about most of these stores until you set foot into the building- at least, that’s how my journey felt. Ranging from Thai schools to army shops, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise at every turn!