There is no shortage of wineries in Khao Yai. Granmonte Winery is another family winery which is gaining popularity in Khao Yai. Wine lovers should visit all of them to try out the different wines!

They have a tram to bring you around the vineyards, to the winery and back which is really convenient.

You will see the vineyards from the moment you enter Granmonte.

The tram will bring you all around the vineyards and your guide will explain to you what you are seeing.

We were there in mid May but the ideal time to visit is during winter at the end of the year when the vineyards will all be fully grown.

Be sure to take lots of pictures. This is me with the barely grown vineyards in May 2017.

Moving on to the winery, your guide will explain to you what these equipment do and how the process of making wine is like. It sure is a tedious process, you will really appreciate wine much more after learning about the production.

This is their lab where they measure the acidity of the wine.

Their bottles.

Apart from wine, they also use the grape seeds to make their own grape seed oil.

A mandatory picture with the Granmonte barrels used to age the wine.

They sell many of their products in their shop beside their wine tasting room.

They have their own jams and they all have testers with some crackers for you to try them out.

There is also a Montino Cafe beside the shop which you can relax at before or after your tour.

This is how the wine tasting room looks like.

We watched a video presentation before the wine tasting began.

4 different wines for the wine tasting.

They actually provide a write up which introduces each wine on a paper which acts as your table mat.

Read about the wine you are drinking and have some cheese and crackers while you taste each of them.

If you are underage or if you do not drink, you can opt for grape juice instead. They have 2 types, Red Grape Juice and Shiraz Grape Juice.

After the tour, we had our lunch there. You can actually book your meal as a package together with the tour. More information can be found here. Each meal set comes with rice, soup, 4 dishes and 1 dessert.


This is the clear tom yum soup packed full of flavour.


Prawns. The  onions and the prawns were both well seasoned.


Chicken salad. Spicy and sour both at the same time.


Corn, carrot, tomato, pea and mushroom salad. I really loved this, the vegetables were well cooked.

The spring roll was crispy and the sesame-covered prawn was really interesting.


Red Ruby! I felt like the coconut milk was a little bit diluted but apart from that, I loved the red ruby.

[Khao Yai] Granmonte Asoke Valley Winery