When we talk about  Yakitori, one would easily think of Omoide Yokocho as the place to go to get your fix. Considering that there are many stalls in the small alley, you probably have to try many stalls to identify your favourite. Some top recommendations  might also not be your preferred locations to dine due to the cramped seating.

Here’s another place to satisfy your yakitori cravings, in a more spacious and comfortable setting. And I would say it’s one of the place where I had the nicest yakitori which left me wanting more!


Introducing Hajimeya Yakitori, located in Shinjuku’s  Kabukicho  area, which is also a famous “red-light district”. You won’t find ladies soliciting  on the streets but will find lots of restaurants, girls bar, massage parlours and love hotels. It is a very happening place at night but it shouldn’t stop you from visiting this area.


The interior of Hajimeya is a bar-seating setting. Do ask for English menu if you don’t understand Japanese. They will gladly pass you the menu with smiles.


Before you are served your order, you will be served a compulsory appetiser, which I didn’t touch after a first bite. The cabbage was too hard and raw for my liking.

What’s yakitori without beer? And so I patiently enjoyed my beer, looking at the locals chatting while waiting for my yakitori to be grilled to perfection.


Torikawa-Yaki (grilled chicken skin)  [162 ¥]. This chicken skin is so delicious and addictive. If you don’t mind a little fats (Why would you? You are on holiday!), go for it! You won’t regret it!


Atsumi (best part of chicken thigh) [194 ¥] and Tebasaki  (chicken winglet)  [302 ¥]. The atsumi was so tender and juicy that  it will slide off the skewer and into  your mouth. Tebasaki is a top  favourite because it’s chicken wings! I love the crispy skin that has been  grilled to perfection.

These items are my favourite yakitori items and Hajimeya does it with perfection. The food is lightly seasoned but grilled to perfection. The result is an explosion of flavours in the mouth. Definitely a Must Eat!

[Tokyo] Hajimeya Yakitori Shinjuku