People  would always think about Thonglor as a busy area  filled with condominiums and restaurants. But what about finding a cozy corner for a slow and easy  day in this area? Today, I have a hidden gem to introduce to you.

Get off the Thonglor Station BTS and walk into Soi Sukhumvit 38 (which is also well-known for street food at night time), you will notice one condominium on the left side with a small cafe at the basement.


The cafe is called  “Hands and Heart Cafe“. The cafe opens daily from 7am – 9pm.


The cafe is decorated in a minimalistic style.  The  interior include both normal tables and Japanese style tables where you sit on the floor, and everything is in black and white.

I can say that the interior is very modern and has a very clean aesthetic. In front of the cafe, they also have a small smoking area. They offer  free  WIFI  and power plugs for the guests as well.


The specialty of this cafe is their crafted coffee beans. The owner and his friends spent more than a year to do the research about the coffee so that they could offer the best ones to us. The cafe uses the coffee beans from many famous roasters such as “Coffee Collective” and ” Timweldel Boe”.


They have varieties of flavors for you to choose. Another specialty about this cafe is that all the coffee are Hand-Brewed! They have Slow-Dripped, Aeropress and Chemex. But don’t worry! If you are not familiar with the coffee types, the staff is always there to help! They are very nice and helpful and also very fluent in English!

My favorite one is “Columbia Coffee Bean” which is roasted by Jaime Casallas, from Coffee Collective. I would say that this one is very nice and smells very good! It does not has too much acidity which will make the coffee sour and it is also not too bitter. It is good for refreshing your day. I also love it in the form of an iced Americano.


They also have coffee beans from  Guatemala, Ethiopia and Kenya. And for people who do not drink coffee, herbal drinks, chocolate and juices are also available! They also have light meals such as toasted, granola and pastries available. Look how savory they are!


If you want to have a laid back day in Bangkok, check this cafe out!

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