If you have been looking for buffet-style Mookata in Singapore, you probably would know about  Happy Mookata. It’s a no-frills Mookata outlet located at Golden Mile Tower (note that it’s not at the popular Golden Mile Complex).


I say no-frills because you basically sit outside their stall, near the sheltered carpark entrance. Nothing glamorous here and there’s no  thai feel here. However, don’t expect too much because your meal will only cost $24/head (not including drinks).


Over here, they use gas stove and not charcoal. Their metal skillet is also different and I think it’s quite small so you got to really cook your food slowly as there isn’t much space for you to put your food.


The variety at Happy Mookata is pretty standard and simple. They serve ala-carte style buffet so you can keep ordering till you are really full.


The best seller here is Grilled Chicken and Grilled Pork, it’s sort of their specialty here! Another popular item will be their Black Pepper selection.


Another must order here will be their Popcorn Chicken and Thai Fish Cake. It is fried upon ordering so it comes to your table fresh and hot! Their Thai Fish Cake tastes really authentic with the thai spices in it.


And here we go, putting our ingredients in to cook!


Happy Mookata operates past  midnight as well so if you are looking for something filling at night, you can consider this.

+ Like

Cheap ala-carte buffet style mookata.

– Dislike

Not much ventilation here and it’s near the entrance of car-park.

= Conclusion

This is the place to go to for no-frills mookata buffet. Don’t expect too much from here but the cheap and simple food would probably attract you to return for more.