I have never been a fan of Gyoza because till now, I have not eaten a gyoza that blew me away. I’m quite particular when it comes to food.  I had gyoza in in Singapore and Bangkok before but I felt that it was just alright, nothing very special.

Since I was making a trip to Tokyo, I decided to hunt down the best Gyoza!


Harajuku Gyoza Lou was voted  for having the best gyoza in town. They are really specialised and right before you enter, you will have already seen that they sell both the steamed and grilled versions.


The interior was simple, consisting of counter seats and table seats. I arrived at about 2pm and it was still packed even though it was after lunch hours.


Sitting at the counter table, I actually got a good view of how they make the grilled gyoza, which is the most popular item here.

Before the gyoza goes into grilling mode, they spread  a thin layer of oil. After laying the gyoza on the pans, they poured water in. And they cover it during the steaming and grilling process.

I would say it’s a hybrid product because it is actually steamed but the base of the gyoza is grilled till crispy.


Grilled Gyoza [290 ¥]. My first bite of this gyoza was heavenly, perfect! This is it, the best gyoza I have eaten and I’m addicted to it. Each plate comes with 6 pieces of of addictive gyoza. Don’t think of sharing this plate gyoza because I won’t share, I could  easily finish this by myself.

Sitting beside me was a thai couple and they also ordered a plate of grilled gyoza. Of course, I heard “Aroi” (delicious) coming from them and they ordered a second plate.

I was seriously contemplating ordering  a second plate because it was so good and it was really cheap! But I decided not to because I still had many places to cover in Harajuku and I probably won’t have any stomach space left it I continued eating the gyoza.

If you love gyoza, this is a must visit for you. Oh, actually if you don’t like gyoza, you should also come here to taste probably one of the best gyozas in the world.

[Tokyo] Harajuku Gyoza Lou